The World’s Wimpiest Fascist Police State

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The University of Virginia supposedly enrolls the smartest kids in the Old Dominion and from around the country. But the 100 student, faculty and community members who demonstrated yesterday around the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of the Rotunda,  were puerile, prone to profanity, and shockingly out of touch with reality.

“One month ago, we stood on the front lines in downtown Charlottesville as all manner of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and neo-fascists swarmed the area,” said one speaker, according to the Daily Progress. “Two months ago, the Ku Klux Klan rallied in their safe space, fully robed and fully protected by multiple law enforcement agencies who brutalized and tear gassed peaceful counter-protesters.”

The white supremacists had “safe” spaces? The police “brutalized” peaceful counter-protesters? Yeah, right. That’s not exactly what the rest of the world saw on all those video tapes. These demonstrators aren’t just constructing an alternate narrative, they’re constructing an alternate reality.

It’s one thing to be delusional, another thing to be delusional with pretensions to power: While denouncing racism and castigating the United States as “fascist” — “No Trump, No KKK no fascist USA,” went the chant — these cloistered college radicals demonstrated a totalitarian mindset themselves.

What did these anti-fascists want, insofar as their demands could be discerned among placards that said “Fuck Silence” and a mob that chanted, “Shut it down”? One speaker demanded that all students undergo education on “white supremacy, colonization and slavery as they directly relate to Thomas Jefferson, the university and the city of Charlottesville.” Essentially, these little Stalinists wanted to turn UVa into a re-education camp — with them doing the re-educating.

And how did the UVa administration respond to the unauthorized draping of the Jefferson statue with a black cloth? Wrote the Daily Progress: “UVa had not yet responded to request for comment on the Jefferson statue shrouding by press time. No police officers were observed at the statue on Tuesday night.”

Administrators in absentia and nary a policeman in sight. The world’s wimpiest fascist police state.

Elsewhere on “the grounds”… We have this report from Campus Reform that a group of about 20 UVa students tried to shut down a “cops and robbers”-themed fraternity party because the costumes “make a joke of mass incarceration.”

The frat boys wore orange jumpsuit, bandanas, chains, and tattoos drawn on their arms.

“These ‘costumes’ make a joke of mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex, systems that disproportionately brutalize people of color,” Students United complains. “The predominantly white members of this fraternity got to take their costumes off at the end of the night, people trapped in the prison system do not.”

“It’s this kind of willful ignorance that allows white supremacy to continue,” the post states unequivocally. “After a summer of terror and violence instigated by white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, it’s at the very least disappointing that members of the UVA community would so willing to make a joke of systems that kill and brutalize marginalized communities.”

Right, as if there are no white people in prison. It’s all about race. Everything’s all about race, twenty-four/seven, for these people.

Fortunately, the scolds and killjoys seem to represent a tiny minority. Their rallies generate less participation than a one-kegger frat party on Rugby Road. But they can’t be ignored. The leftists seem to be able to intimidate other students into mumbling, apologetic silence. They exercise influence all out of proportion to their numbers.

Update: In a letter to alumni yesterday, University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan said the protesters were “desecrating ground that many of us consider sacred,” reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. University personnel have removed the shroud. One person was arrested Tuesday for public intoxication.

As long as the protesters didn’t deface the statue, I don’t think that any official reaction is called for. College kids will be college kids, and draping a cloth over Jefferson is no worse than many a college prank. The real issue is the toxic ideology and perpetual outrage the protesters vent. I am divided in my opinion of whether it is best to ignore them in the hope that their rhetoric is so grotesque as to be self-defeating, or to attack them out of the fear that by intimidating others, they might restrict the bounds of acceptable thought and speech.

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13 responses to “The World’s Wimpiest Fascist Police State”

  1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    Jim –

    This is a good article but it totally misses the larger point. Namely, that it is the Board, the Administrators and the Faculty at the UVA that is directly responsible for all the nonsense and totalitarian conduct that occurred yesterday on the Grounds at UVa..

    Every charge that you lodge against “the the 100 student, faculty and community members who demonstrated yesterday around the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of the Rotunda, were puerile, prone to profanity, and shockingly out of touch with reality,” can be laid directly onto the doorstep of the UVa Board, President, Administrators, and substantial numbers of the UVA Faculty.

    See for only one in a long stream of examples:

    Since the recent events at Charlottesville, the clash over the the downtown statues, there has been a constant stream of misinformation and propaganda coming out of UVA officials that totally misrepresents and runs away from the truth of what happened. This is a national scandal.

  2. A somewhat surprising response from Sullivan:

    Dear alumni and friends of the University,

    Last night about forty students held a demonstration on the north side of the Rotunda and as part of this demonstration, they shrouded the Jefferson statue, desecrating ground that many of us consider sacred. I strongly disagree with the protestors’ decision to cover the Jefferson statue. University personnel removed the shroud. One person was arrested for public intoxication. These are the facts of the situation, regardless of what you may read in media accounts of those who have their own agenda.

    Coming just one month after the August 11 torchlight march by 300 racist and anti-Semitic protesters, a march that became violent, this event has reminded us that there are critical and sometimes divisive issues related to the exercise of free expression in an inclusive community.

    I would like to frame this issue somewhat differently. Thomas Jefferson was an ardent believer in freedom of expression, and he experienced plenty of abusive treatment from the newspapers of his day. He would likely not be surprised to find that when there are critical disagreements in the polity, those disagreements will find expression at his University. UVA’s importance as a university is underscored by the fact that arguments about free expression, hate speech, and similar issues occur here. Sometimes these arguments are noisy.

    In your own college days, many of you experienced protests and activism at UVA. The war in Vietnam, Watergate, 9/11, and many other issues have been discussed, debated, and protested at UVA. We are at another such point. I prefer the process of discussion and debate, and the debate is happening here at UVA with a wide variety of guest speakers, panels, and other opportunities to look at underlying issues. That there is also activism should not be a surprise to any of us.

    With my best wishes,

    Teresa A. Sullivan

      1. Somewhat out of character but good none the less.

        I was surprised that only “One person was arrested for public intoxication”. I seem to recall that when protesting the elimination of Easters first in front of Hereford’s house and then in the middle of Emmet Street there were several hundred that could have been charged with public intoxication. Fortunately, students at that time were bright enough to leave when threatened with the business end of fire hose.

      2. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
        Reed Fawell 3rd

        Oh Please Give me a break!! Right up there with the Vietnam and Watergate Project. How Gratuitous can you guys get?

        1. Gratuitous Gratuitousness used to be the norm on Rugby Road.

        2. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
          Reed Fawell 3rd

          Defacing a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the Grounds of UVa- and the UVa. President ranks it right up there with Watergate and Vietnam demonstrations – what pretentious BS, what a lack of courage, what prevarication, what a lack of and abdication of leadership, what a double standard – all of it after denying and hiding from the plain facts in a month long highly organized campaign to obscure the truth and complexities of the events of August 11, and earlier event in UVA Board of Visitors Room. And everybody cheers!

          1. I didn’t say it was a great response, merely acknowledged that it was a “good” response, at least in relative terms as applied to Sullivan. Look on the bright side, she didn’t give them a hug and a cookie or afford counselors to help them through their “troubled” times.

            Personally, I would have blasted them off the statue with a water cannon and then cited them for having a pool party without a permit.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    I noticed she did NOT say “Please feel free to exercise your 2nd amendment rights and bring whatever firearms and weapons – and masks as you deem necessary to do your thang…”… eh?


  4. adarwinian Avatar

    The amount of white privilege exhibited here isn’t uprising. But it sure is thick.

    Sullivan neglected to mention that the intoxicated person arrested was a local – known associate of Jason Kessler – white supremacist who was also carrying a gun.

    Symbolically hanging a shroud on the Jefferson statue was not defacing it. The shroud was not removed by University personnel as described by Sullivan. It was ripped off by students with help of a confederate sympathizer who did the same thing to the Lee statue downtown (armed) and who was present at the August 12 in support of the nazi rally.

    If Sullivan mislead us about those to easily provable facts, what else in her statement is false?

    Now revering the area around the TJ statue as sacred ground is a joke. Sullivan made no such proclamation when armed, torch wielding nazis attacked non violent students and community members at the same exact location on August 11.

    We here in Charlottesville were traumatized by an invading terrorist army using violence against non violent citizens to project its hate against minority groups. We here are standing against the institutions of evil that are white supremacy. Those of you who are more concerned about “foul” language need to get out from behind your white privilege and understand that every institution in the country from the legislatures, to the police, to the court systems, to (apparently) university administrations are stacked against people of color. Your supposed shock is what is truly shocking.

    Counter statement to Sullivan’s two letters and proof of my claims above:

    1. ADarwinian, your reference to factual errors/omissions in Sullivan’s statements does indeed call into question her version of events. I’d also concede that her reference to Jefferson’s statue as “sacred” is debatable. I wonder if Sullivan presents one face to alumni and another to the university community.

      But when you lump the KKK and Nazis with “institutions of evil that are white supremacy,” you draw a moral equivalency between modern American institutions and those of the Jim Crow era and those of Nazi Germany. American institutions are far from perfect, but that kind of rhetoric won’t win you any converts with 98% of the population.

  5. adarwinian Avatar

    Yeah because modern American institutions don’t support white supremacy. What a joke.

    You speak from a total position of white privileged. Shame on you.

  6. LarrytheG Avatar

    “moral equivalency” ??

    geeze.. these guys have ADOPTED these symbols themselves to reflect their “modern” beliefs… they call it their “heritage”

    the “equivalency” is by their own admission – it’s part of their ideology!

    geeze guy

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