Will “One Fairfax” Become “One Virginia”?

Blue Fairfax… Source: Best Neighborhood.com

by  Tom Pafford

You may have heard the Commonwealth is close to succumbing to the -control of the Democratic Party and its bullying Progressive (read Socialist) agenda. As the Democratic apparatchiks working at BlueVirginia put it, “With 3 1/2 Weeks to Go, ‘Things Aren’t Looking Good for the Virginia GOP’.”

Yep, the outlook looks bleak!

With Bleakness as a backdrop, let me introduce Fairfax County’s “One Fairfax” policy. Many readers of Bacon’s Rebellion know nothing of this policy, but once Virginia is as blue as the skies over Russia, you’ll feel its burn!

One Fairfax preaches a message of help by promoting economic benefits for all citizens in Fairfax County under a concept called, “Equity.” Equity is defined as: “The commitment to promote fairness and justice in the formation of public policy that results in all residents – regardless of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status or neighborhood of residence or other characteristics – having opportunity to fully participate in the region’s economic vitality, contribute to its readiness for the future, and connect to its assets and resources.”

Fairfax County’s leaders are clear about why such a policy is required.
Historically, we have designed man-made, institutionalized barriers — the policy refers to them as socially constructed barriers — that diminish citizens’ chances for full economic fairness and justice.

All County departments and agencies must remove these institutional and structural barriers as quickly as possible. What a fair and just Fairfax County looks like once “equity” is achieved — when all barriers are removed — is not described. But the policy does describe specific areas where barriers exist:

Social Equity: The absence of institutional and structural barriers experienced by people, based on other societal factors such as age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status, neighborhood of residence, that impede opportunities and results.

Racial Equity: The absence of institutional and structural barriers experienced by people, based on race or color that impede opportunities and results.

One Fairfax gives enormous powers to its overwhelmingly Democratic Party Board of Supervisors to legislate policies eradicating as many socially constructed barriers as its sees fit. And the board has already started: Renaming schools and roads to remove visual barriers, redrawing school boundaries and busing of students between schools to eliminate educational barriers, and enacting transgender protection policies to take down gender barriers. It is fair to say Fairfax County is in the nascent stages of a huge social transformation — and one that soon may go Commonwealth wide!

Fairfax County is but one of hundreds of counties and many states that have passed similar Democratic Party “We are here to help” policies. Sadly, most citizens know nothing of these policies as they are passed and implemented “under the table” without fanfare or much public notice. This is a silent, Progressive transformation of our Republic done at the local level.

The Democratic Party has several Socialists elected to public office. The Progressives Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come to mind. Just how deep is the Socialist influence and how long has it been intermingled with the Democratic Party? History tells us…

In February 1957, the Communist Party (CP) of the United States held its 16th National Congress in New York City. Immediately after the Congress, the Socialist newspaper, The Militant, stated, “The draft resolution holds out the perspective of a long immersion for the CP in Democratic Party politics. By May 1957, The Militant noted, “the Communist Party saw Socialism coming to America as the outcome of peaceful and constitutional changes…One way to establish such … is to ‘transform’ the Democratic Party ….” In the Dec 22, 1958 The Militant stated, “But, of course, the CP leadership and the social democrats will say they have no illusions about taking over the Democratic Party….”

I must give credit where credit is due. The political strategy of creating a Socialist Democracy under the guise of protecting minorities and LGBTQs is pure political genius. A deep Socialist immersion in the Democratic Party over 60 years has produced transformative results. To paraphrase a saying I heard as a young man: “If the Communists win, it will not be because they know how to stir up discontent or how to infect people with hatred, but because they know how to preach, ‘We’re here to Help.’”

The question becomes — can you stop such Progressive genius?

The answer depends on how much fight is in you, because it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

In this bleak off-election year, now is not the time to sit on the couch watching “Modern Family.” You best get out the vote!

Tom Pafford, an Annandale resident, is running for a seat on the Fairfax County School Board. View his campaign website here.

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19 responses to “Will “One Fairfax” Become “One Virginia”?”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    I think Mr. Pafford well illustrates the dilemma of the GOP in Virginia.

    We know what he believes from his website.

    the question is – does he want to lead being representative of the people who elect him or does he wish to lead with his own philosophy?

    He talks about how folks don’t realize the that Dems are “socialists”, albeit perhaps even communists – but what does HE promise to those who would vote for him? Would he represent them or would he represent his own beliefs?

    My guess is that in NoVa that most voters are more aligned with “socialism” and “social equity” than they are with Mr. Paffords views.

    So the question is – why is he running if he is not willing to represent what voters want? His claim is that they do not know what they want?
    I suspect they do know, and they are not buying conspiracy theories about the “secret” agenda of the Dems.

    All across Virginia – we have this same basic issue and that is – is the GOP really honestly saying what their position is or are they just promoting boogeyman FUD against the Dems, so they themselves don’t have to fess up as to their own positions that really do not represent most voters in non-rural regions?

    1. djrippert Avatar

      “My guess is that in NoVa that most voters are more aligned with “socialism” and “social equity” than they are with Mr. Paffords views.”

      Not really. Most voters in NoVa are asleep at the wheel reading only what The Washington Post decides to print. The same Washington Post that printed an obituary of Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi, describing him as an “austere religious scholar”. The headline was only changed when an outpouring of criticism came forth against the Post. Unfortunately, no such outpouring occurs when reinstating school busing during rush hour in a county which had its transportation system destroyed by its incompetent state and county government is described as “racial equity”.

      Richmond is just under 60 sq mi. Fairfax County is just under 400 sq mi. Temporarily covering up the years of failure on the part of Richmond’s public school system through forced busing might logistically work although it is still a stupid and ultimately counter-productive move. Trying to do the same in Fairfax County will fail miserably. What do the people who run the county propose – putting beds in the school buses? They’ll need to once they figure out how long it will actually take to bus kids across a county where both zoning and transportation have been horribly mis-managed for decades.

      Yet the RPV must bear its large and fair share of the blame for the upcoming prog-lib tide. 60% of the Korean immigrants who live in Virginia live in Fairfax County. Typically hard working small business owners this should be a Republican constituency. But the Republicans in Virginia are too busy with shad planks in Hooterville to run bulgogi dinners in Fairfax. As a Virginian who grew up in Northern Virginia I’ve eaten both shad and bulgogi. Trust me, bulgogi is better – from both a political and epicurean perspective.

      Here’s what will happen:

      1. The record economic expansion will come to a crashing end, probably (as usual) caused by a liquidity crunch and subsequent recession. The atrocious deficit spending by the Obama Administration has only been accelerated by the Trump Administration. A rise in historically low global interest rates will put immense pressure on the federal budget.

      2. Virginia’s woeful economic record since the Great Recession leaves us very vulnerable in the face of a broadly based recession. We can thank our Republican controlled General Assembly for that. We are even more vulnerable than other states to a recession that requires the Federal government to cut back in order to pay the rising interest rate on that mountain of debt.

      3. When all hell breaks loose it will break the loosest in Virginia. A President Warren or Sanders may increase Federal taxes to redistribute wealth but they won’t increase the funding of DoD, Homeland Security and the other agencies that actually create employment growth in NoVa and Hampton Roads. Virginia’s economic vacuum (run for decades by the Republicans) that sucks money out of NoVa and, to a lesser extent, Hampton Roads for redistribution elsewhere in the state will run out of suction. The same overpaid bloodsuckers who left the cities they destroyed in the Northeast and Midwest for economic opportunity around DC will leave DC for economic opportunity somewhere else. Housing prices will fall and so will the formulaic school transfer scheme so beloved by the hapless RPV.

      Faster your seatbelts, hold onto the armrests, double check the airbags – this crash is going to hurt.

      1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
        Dick Hall-Sizemore

        I agree with you about Koreans. The dry cleaner shop I use is owned by a Korean. He has unbelievable hours; other than Sunday, I think he only has time to sleep. And I don’t think he has ever taken a vacation. We don’t have any Korean restaurants around. I have never tried bulgogi, but I have tasted kimchi. That is nasty stuff! Shad is OK.

        1. djrippert Avatar

          Agree on the Koreans working very hard. And … most Korean couples I know have both spouses working hard and making sure that the kids study too.

          I personally like kimchi but I also think whoever cross-bred the Carolina Reaper pepper ought to get a Nobel Prize in Botany if such a prize exists.

          Shad is OK. Too bony to be any better than OK. Bulgogi is delicious. Not too hard to make either. Gotta cut the rib eye into very uniform, very thin slices. It help to partially freeze the meat before cutting.

  2. If I ever ran for something, which is not going to happen, but if I did, I would have to run as Independent.

  3. Good point, TBill — back when, the Democratic Primary was all that mattered and we were all independents. Now, we are effectively cast out of the Republican Party and we have to participate as independents. In neither case did, or should, the Democratic Party conclude that they can take the center for granted. Meanwhile, it’s game time: Go Nats!

  4. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Folks, Mr. Pafford appears to be running as an independent, not GOP. I hope that means he sought the GOP nomination and was rejected for being a whackadoodle. A week from tomorrow my guess is he gets ignored by the voters, a mere also ran. If Bacon doesn’t look it up, I will.


    Find him deep in the VPAP files in a link to Fairfax County records and he appears to have $73 in his campaign account. Jim on this blog has given him his only outlet. His website reprints the “Transgender Wars” set of posts that Bacon’s Rebellion accepted – probably after dozens rejected them.

  5. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    This is nuts. So is the website.

  6. fromthefuture Avatar

    “This is a silent, Progressive transformation of our Republic done at the local level.”

    And what have Republican Christian Dominionists been doing since 1980?
    The same thing.

  7. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    I agree with much of what DJ says above. I also resent him using the “reply” function to post 500 words and bump the rest of us down the queue. This would be why I spend less time on this effort….He did it on the other recent post, too. I will waste my time with one more comment.

    He is correct that the Republicans are reaping the results of two decades of ignored chances to build the base beyond aging, bitter white people, pro-life activists and gun lovers. The neglect has now been replaced by open hostility at the top, with Trump convinced that trifecta will get him re-elected.

    He is incorrect in his rabid complaints that all of Virginia’s troubles can be laid at the feet of RPV, a campaign organization which barely even exists and certainly makes no policy. The GOP legislators and governors make policy and have never, ever, given a flying fig what the state party apparatchiks thought. As noted before, the total number of years that Republicans have controlled both bodies in Richmond and the Governor’s Office would be four, repeat four, in the past 150 years. Even they couldn’t have screwed up this state in that short period.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      I use reply because I am replying to a comment. I use a new comment when I am saying something that is not a reply. Internet 101. That’s why they have a reply button.

      1. Steve Haner Avatar
        Steve Haner

        You use reply to get higher in the queue, knowing few people get past the first couple of comments. I think it is rude to jump in with a long mini-post and bump everybody down. Courtesy 101.

    2. djrippert Avatar

      Fair enough. I use RPV and “Republicans in Virginia” moire interchangeably than I should. As for controlling both bodies in the governor’s office and the governor … irrelevant to the predicament faced by the Republicans in Virginia. Missing the picture of Northam in blackface in the yearbook? Seriously? The Republicans in Virginia have no recognizable leaders, no political bench, no “up and comers”. They lost the few cities in Virginia and proceeded to lose the fast growing suburbs too. I knew their goose was cooked when Henrico County went blue.

  8. Wait, this isn’t satire? Renaming JEB Stewart HS is the first step on the path to collective farming?

    1. djrippert Avatar

      I will bet you any reasonable amount of money that the One Fairfax document will be used by the Fairfax County School Board to try to redraw school boundaries along racial lines within 4 years. Name the amount. Peter G can hold the cash if he agrees to do so.

      1. No bet. In fact, I don’t doubt that. But that’s still a long step to a centralized governmental of the control of the means of production.

        You don’t like school board zoning, great. But let’s not start throwing around extremely polarized terms

  9. fromthefuture Avatar

    “Democratic Party and its bullying Progressive (read Socialist) agenda.”
    Tell us about the Republican Party and its bullying Fascist (read Evangelical) agenda.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      The Tea Party extremists buried the Republican Party in Virginia so, yes … the GOP has issues too. However, that doesn’t mean that the prog-lib agenda is not an exercise in bullying now that they are on the precipice of broad power.

      As I have predicted before, the conservatives in rural and small town Virginia will come to rue the day they were such staunch supporters of a strict implementation of Dillon’s Rule.


  10. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Ripper. Want me to send you bank account info?

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