Where in the World Is Jim Bacon?


Hint: That is the Eiffel Tower but this is not Paris, France. This is ground zero for crass materialism, self-indulgent hedonism and inauthentic kitsch. It is the antithesis of everything I hold dear yet… I feel oddly drawn to this place.


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7 responses to “Where in the World Is Jim Bacon?”

  1. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Are you going to do something about legal prostitution? Maybe tell us how free markets really work?

    1. billsblots Avatar

      Try the IoP, Internet of Prostitutes.

      Darn, that actually could be a great app for Vegas, instead of cataloging trees like NYC, the app could indicate the most nearby hookers to where you are standing.

      The oldest profession meets the latest technology.

  2. whatcha gonna do with Jim Bacon after he gets off the farm and goes to the big city?

  3. Tysons Engineer Avatar
    Tysons Engineer

    From 2 walkable cities to the most auto-centric and sprawl inducing city in the world.

    1. and insanely popular! even Jim Bacon can’t resist!

  4. Darrell Avatar

    They have one of the better bus systems around. Buy a pass for the strip and save the shoe leather. The white building by the Eiffel tower offered a buffet pass for 60 bucks giving entrance to 5 area buffets in 24 hours. My brother in law is a ‘bargain’ hunter. I got through 3 of them by eating light.

  5. billsblots Avatar

    Auto-centric for residents, maybe. As a visitor you can walk between places on your part of the strip to try out the different craps tables, there are people movers up and down the southern strip, and the Simpsons style monorail runs from MGM in the south to the Convention Center to the north.
    I understand from a guy who manages the KopperKeg grill and bar near Henderson that there were 20,000 unsold recently constructed homes in nearby Green Valley, so you should be able to find something affordable, although maybe coyotes or drug lords have moved into the unoccupied houses. If anyone should know, it’s a guy who manages a bar.

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