Virginia’s Two-Faced Democrats

A very bad week. One can only assume that Virginia’s Democratic Party is very happy to see this week draw to a close. The Democratic Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General are facing deep scrutiny over revelations that came to light this week. While the specifics of each scandal remain hazy the sudden evaporation of moral outrage from fellow Democrats is crystal clear.

Northam: the expendable man. Govenor Ralph Northam was the first to fall under a thick cloud of disrepute as pictures from his personal page in his med school yearbook surfaced with people dressed in blackface and Klan outfits.  Democrats moved quickly to condemn Northam and call for his resignation.  Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner were joined by the Virginia Black Caucus, former Governor McAuliffe, national Democrats and (most interestingly) Attorney General Mark Herring in calling for Northam’s resignation. Appearing in blackface is intolerable they all wailed in unison. Blue Virginia touted the calls for Northam’s resignation as proof of the ” … VAST moral difference between Virginia Democrats and Republicans …”

At the time the column was written they had a point. That would change.  The Dems were actually offering “the sleeves from their vest” with their calls for Northam’s resignation. Northam is a 59-year-old, straight white man who can’t run for a second term in 2021. He has no political future. His replacement would be Justin Fairfax, a 39-year-old, African-American rising star of the Democratic Party’s liberal wing. See ‘ya Ralphie!

Farifax Channels Bill Clinton. The second shoe to drop was an incendiary allegation of forcible rape against Democratic Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. While some Dems called for Fairfax to step down most did not. Apparently, the Democratic Party’s mantra of “Believe Women” actually translates into “Believe Women, unless it’s politically inexpedient.” In fairness, Northam admitted to appearing in blackface (after a world class bumblefest) while Fairfax vigorously denies the allegations against him. LG Fairfax is swimming in a different pond than Northam and (as we’ll see …) Herring. Fairfax is accused of a very serious felony which is still within the statute of limitations in Massachusetts. Our LG would be well advised to remember that he is named Fairfax not Kennedy. One assumes that even the Libtopia of Massachusetts will investigate this charge of rape regardless of Fairfax’s status as a rising Democratic Party star.

Herring illustrates the two faced reality of the Democratic Party. The third fiasco to befall Virginia Democrats this week was Attorney General Mark Herring’s admission that he, too, had appeared in blackface while in college. One would assume that Herring would immediately follow up his confession with his resignation. After all, he had demanded Northam’s resignation for admitting to appearing in blackface. Of course ,Herring did not resign. If one thing has become clear it’s that Mark Herring is a serial dissembler who can’t be expected to do what he says he’ll do.

When then Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced his candidacy for governor, Mark Herring was one of the Democrats in the General Assembly who called for him to resign as Attorney General. Herring even pledged that he would resign as Attorney General if he decided to run for governor. Guess what? Herring is running for governor and is still Virginia’s Attorney General. The only thing more striking than Herring’s shocking lack of credibility is the Virginia Democrats’ shocking moral vacillation over Herring’s admitted blackface. Last night the Virginia Black Caucus reiterated its call for Northam to step down but did not call for Herring’s resignation. Where is that “VAST moral difference between Virginia Democrats and Republicans” now?

“Mark, move to your right. They can still see the guy we’re going to throw under the bus.”

What a difference a week makes.

— Don Rippert 

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  1. Touche! Touche! and touche yet again!

    Exposing Democrats’ hypocrisy on this issue is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • I remain an equal opportunity critic of asinine behavior by Virginia politicians.

      • OK I give you credit DJR, I was wrong yesterday. You are actually vindicated about the Imperial Clown Show, which had seemed somewhat harsh, now sounds accurate.

        The other thing I would have said former Gov McAuliffe might have had a good chance at a presidential bid, maybe still does, but I would say his chances may look less solid right now, by association, through no fault of his own. A little like Trump backlash wiping out Gillespie’s gov chances, now we have Virginia 4 Losers issues.

        By the way we need a catchy name for this- Old Dominion Gate? Unfort I think it is Virginia 4 Losers Gate.

  2. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is how the voters respond to the D message which is now blatantly destructive to education, the economy, democracy, national security, religion…virtually all the footers of our society as we have known it. Now devoid of any real platforms, morals, or values other than clicks and votes, if it gets votes they’ll do it and more.

    Will voters continue to reward this behavior and the massive dishonesty of the media and the D’s as they did in the mid-terms?
    Let’s watch as the lies and demagoguery metastasize to blame Trump for Virginia’s racists D’s past and present:
    “Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said the refusal of both Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam (D), and the state’s attorney general, Mark Herring (D), to resign after admissions of wearing blackface in the past “is but a symptom of a greater syndrome that currently plagues our country as a result of not acting on President Trump’s bigotry.”

    • Every time I hear about some new political “resistance” movement I think … that will last less than two years. Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street? The latest casualty is the Proglib anti-Trump “resistance”. America is getting a full dose of the insanity coming from Occasional-Cortex with genius ideas like eliminating all air travel within 10 years (if you think Trump’s border wall is expensive wait until we start building those trans-Pacific train bridges). Meanwhile, Trump’s State of the Union proves he’s learning. Maybe not as fast as he should have learned but he’s learning.

      Psychos like Al Green (was he the guy who sang How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?) are on a sandbar and the tide is coming in.

  3. Oh, I do wonder.. how much “investigation” is now going on to find past racist behaviors in Kaine and Warner!

    All I can say is that any white folks that lived in Virginia during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…knows what the culture was and it did not matter whether you were liberal or conservative. Any whites who said it was wrong and should change were called “N-lovers” and shunned by other whites.

    • In some circles, yes — not all. More in RoVa (I saw the difference when I moved from Richmond in the mid-’70s to Fairfax). But you’re right, liberal or conservative isn’t the issue. I think what DJR highlights is the passive, even cooperative, tolerance of this malevolence by the rest of us who would deny that we have a racist bone in our bodies but who don’t stand up to those who clearly do. The failure to call it out is, I think, a learned reaction from way back in childhood — maybe part politeness but mostly I think an ingrained fear of being perceived or bullied as an “n-lover” — and it’s such a deep cultural feature that only a couple of generations can completely erase it.

      Meanwhile I can’t bring myself to toss every officeholder of my generation out the door for conduct decades ago that was — the way it was. Carried to a consistent extreme we would I fear completely eliminate the current leadership of Virginia at the corporate and institutional as well as political level. Yes, the muckrakers will find more victims. Yes, the younger generation in the GA should be less tolerant of such behavior, as indeed they usually are. Yes, us old fogeys looked the other way far too long after we knew it was cringeworthy behavior. But even though cultural change comes slow, it comes. Compared to so many countries we are talking not just about legislated equal protection and due process but about cultural change now — equal opportunity and mutual respect — across those fading racial and sexual prejudices. I am optimistic; but we still need people who know the past to ease us into the future.

    • Thanks. As for McAuliffe … what exactly did he accomplish as governor? McDonnell pushed through the transportation bill, Northam expanded Medicaid. You can like or hate either of those but at least they did something.

      I like Hate Gate for this issue.

  4. re: the radical left

    Yes.. they do very much exist but when we point to them as proof that everyone on the left is illegitimate … how is that any different than looking at the radical right and similarly labeling everyone on the right as illegitimate?

    just FYI – the “left” is no more synonymous with PC than the right is synonymous with white supremacy

    so…blackface is what in terms of left and right?

    so if you appear in a yearbook that has pages in it with blackface , does that mean you were part of that culture?

    If you were involved in a play or other event in which someone appeared in blackface – does that make you a willing participant who knowingly participated …did not object?

    I don’t know the answers… but is this as black/white (no pun) as perceived?

    • I think the problem with Northam and Herring is not that they did something that even back then was unacceptable but that they have tossed the racist card at opponents while having known they appeared in blackface themselves. As my mother used to say “People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones.” They’ve been rock pelters using the standard Democratic Party attack on anyone who doesn’t toe the party line — even when they are in a different party. As I recall, Dante put public hypocrites in the Eight Circle of Hell.

      Northam also suffers from having engaged in two-bit criminal conduct (that is conduct that a two-bit criminal would engage in when arrested). Northam confessed and then, the next day, denied it was him. It’s like the burglar getting caught on surveillance cameras; picked up by the cops; and confessing to the detective, only to change his mind the next day and recant his confession. Any sympathy and credibility he had is simply gone.

      Herring played innocent, calling for Northam’s resignation while knowing he too had worn blackface in public. Pretty sleezy IMO.

      Now with respect to Fairfax, I still see this as a he said-she said situation. While he may have engaged in sexual abuse, it’s also pretty easy to make up allegations. I think there needs to be more proof before Justin Fairfax goes back to private life.

      • I agree. Northam lied and Herring has no repeatedly proven he can’t be trusted. That’s a bigger story than the sad college antics.

        You’re an attorney … shouldn’t there be detectives from Massachusetts demanding to interview our Lieutenant Governor? Isn’t the allegation one of forcible rape? Whether he’s ultimately found to be innocent or guilty, don’t the police have a duty to investigate?

        • It’s my understanding Massachusetts has a 15-year statute of limitations on rape/sexual abuse. Absent some reason to toll the statute, no charges could be brought against Mr. Fairfax beginning later this year.

          Given the publicity, I would think detectives from the appropriate Massachusetts police department(s) would have already reached out to the woman making the allegations. I would think she would need to provide them with some credible evidence and be willing to make a complaint and support its prosecution.

          Whether there is any investigation going on is unknown (at least to me). But I would be surprised if nothing has happened on the investigation front. And, of course, Justin Fairfax is innocent until proven guilty.

        • My understanding is that North Carolina does not have a statute of limitations on rape. That’s the location of the alleged second assault. But again, these are still just allegations.

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