VA Club for Growth TV Ad

The Virginia Club for Growth released today a TV ad that will be broadcasted across the state in different television markets. The ad urges Gov. Kaine to veto the HB 3202, the Transportation Compromise Bill (AKA Bill Howell’s tax increase).

In the interest of full disclosure, the poster of this entry, Phil Rodokanakis, wants to remind everyone that he is also the President of the Virginia Club for Growth.

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3 responses to “VA Club for Growth TV Ad”

  1. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    The issue for me is simple – integrity.

    My concern is that funding transportation from the general revenues AD HOC is very risky.

    Since there is no place in Virginia that does not have advocates for more roads the backlog and demand is enormous – so enormous that at each GA, any prospective surplus would immediately be descended upon by the legislative equivalent of a pack of hyenas…

    Each elected official would feel a direct responsibility to join the fray to get his region’s priority projects funded. To not do so, would invite his/her constituents ire.

    and .. ultimately.. in the interest of compromise (i.e. read – getting enough votes for passage) every year a bloated/top heavy transportation package would emerge not only sucking up every available penny (and probably more) but, more important, priorities decided by pure politics – much like the Congressional earmarks.

    I could SUPPORT the Conservative approach to use General Revenues … IF along with it, they implemented a rational process for ranking and prioritizing projects – along the lines suggested by JLARC and VaAPC.

    It wouldn’t end the politics but it would put a level of discipline into the process and it could actually result in the roads that were decided to be priorities – getting built quicker – because right now – the current process of “drip” funding 6 yr plans really translates into 20 yr plans where the actual cost of the project can double due to the combination of the lag time and inflation.

    So – in short – I’d have respect for the Conservative approach if they had put together an approach that had integrity – which they did not do.

    This is what turns most people off. They expect leadership to come forward with some reasonable and responsible and WORKABLE approaches and as far as I am concerned, the R’s did not do that… they ceded the high ground to Kaine, who can and will use it for political opportunity, and now – what they have left for ammunition is to take meaningless pot shots.

    They not only violated their own principles but they demonstrated a distinct lack of leadership and courage to APPLY their principles in a way that BENEFITs people.

  2. Groveton Avatar

    Imagine a business where certain revenues were earmarked for certain expenditures.

    “If we sell enough widgets in Houston we can heat the buildings in Boise”.

    “We’ve had a good year with “goo gahs” in Galveston but we only use those profits to fund more “jim jacks” in Jacksonville. The fact that we can’t make payroll in Peoria is a separate matter from the “go gah” surplus in Galveston.”

    “Our most profitaable business in Orlando needs oil. But we won’t reinvest in that business. All of those profits are used to underwrite less profitable or unprofitable businesses elsewhere. Instead, we’ll make Orlando raise prices until it’s no longer a profitable business at all.”.

    It’s ridiculous.

    No business runs that way.

    Businesses take in money from lots of places and first look at their operational costs. There is never a perfect match between where the revenues are generated and where the needs exist. Businesses also look at where they should invest and spend money generated in one subsidiary to fund investments in another.

    Most importantly, businesses must report their financial results in an audited and systematic manner. There have certainly been some businesses which have neglected to do this – most of their leaders are where they belong – in jail.

    I agree with Larry Gross in an overall sense. Spending should be coupled with integrity. However, I disagree with respect to the actions to be taken. It seems to me that you never leave a surplus in front of people who promulgate plans that lack integrity (I am trying to be polite or I’d just say “dishonest people”). It’s like leaving a chicken in a fox den or giving a machine gun to a child – the best you can hope is that nothing happens.

    Take the surplus away from the dishonest GA by spending it in lieu of raising taxes.

    Take the dishonesty out of the state government by refusing to re-elect incumbents from either party.

    Send a message to Richmond…

    Stop the Robbery.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    “Businesses take in money from lots of places and first look at their operational costs.”

    The next thing they do is to try and cut costs…..hmmmm imagine that, the government cutting costs, what a refreshing idea.

    Until the govn’t stops funding certain things and forces them to make it on their own….i.e., museums, art galleries, etc., then there will never be enough money.

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