Quote of the Day:

“What kind of a person sends her own granny up a cul-de-sac.?”

Ms Doonesbury, an MIT Freshperson


Philip Kennicott the WaPo movie critic suggests (“Rose-Colored Lens: In Louisiana, Environmental Distruction Neever Looked So Pretty”) that the new Smithsonian IMAX feature “Hurricane on the Bayou” deserves a miss. See “Down Memory Lane with Katrina” at db4.dev.baconsrebellion.com

Kennicott, by the way, will receive a major nomination soon for Best Reporting on human settlement pattern issues.


RINO Hunters on the Endagered List

Community papers suggest that as RINOs become more rare, the RINO Hunters are coming under attack. The word is that to save their skins the RINO Hunters will have to put on RINO costumes. Advocates of “No Crazies to the Right” may have died in Afghanstan and Iraq.


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3 responses to “MEDIA NOTES”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Excuse me, Dr. Risse,
    But I am dealing with my mother in her last days and there is nothing more than she would like than to be “up the cul de sac.” I would think that someone like you would know the difference between a nice house and a nursing home whatever your land use views. Try to find some humanity. Please.

  2. E M Risse Avatar
    E M Risse

    The word I have is that Granny favors a view of maise stubble to Puget Sound and is trying to get back to Oklahoma.

    They do not allow nursing homes or mother-in-law suites on cud-de-sac’s in King County as I recall.

    I just thought it was a nice turn of phrase.

    All the best to you and your mother.


  3. Anonymous Avatar

    My Mom is in a nursing home. She pleads with me to take her out so she can have dinner with us “up the cul de sac.”
    I guess her “Pattern of Human Settlement” doesn’t mesh with yours.

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