The Left Never Rests (Part 3,783) – Vote Democratic

by James C. Sherlock

We have a glimpse into the near future in Virginia.

For those of my readers who thought that the left in the U.K. would sit still while the Cass Commission examines and reports on transgender care in Britain, think again.

Some transgender activists oppose the requirement for a clinical diagnosis of gender dysphoria before getting access to gender-altering drugs. They also oppose the participation of endocrinologists in the prescription of those drugs.

Takes too long. Too expensive. They might say no.

They have gotten in the U.K. what they demand. Witness a new U.K. National Health System “scheme,” as it is called, that is undoubtedly headed to the Virginia General Assembly.

It removes psychologists and psychiatrists from the loop in gender dysphoria diagnoses and gives the job to general practitioners, who can then directly prescribe hormone therapies without the participation of endocrinologists.

I reported that the Northam Administration added transgender services coverage to Medicaid on its last days in office. Is there anyone at all who doubts this new “scheme” will be added to Virginia Medicaid if the left gets in charge again?

From a story in the Times of London:

GPs will be paid for trans hormone prescriptions

Apr 2, 2022
by Kat Lay, The Times:

Family doctors are to be paid for prescribing hormones to transgender patients, in the first scheme of its kind in the UK.

Under the programme, which was launched yesterday, GPs in Sussex will get £178 a year for every adult to whom they prescribe “cross sex hormone therapy.”

The scheme, which also requires staff to take training in transgender healthcare, is aimed at reducing the high rates of long-term physical and mental health problems in TNBI patients and improve their low levels of satisfaction with NHS care.

Trans rights campaigners welcomed the programme. Patients referred to gender identity clinics (GICs) face waits of years, after referrals soared 240 per cent in five years.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in northwest London is offering first appointments to people who were referred in December 2017.

Concerns were raised, however, that medicines could be provided without appropriate psychological support for patients and add to pressure on GPs.

“Concerns were raised.”

Good to know that “concerns were raised” by a scheme that pays government employee general practitioners to prescribe “cross sex hormone therapy” to patients

  • without “appropriate psychological” support, meaning gender dysphoria diagnosis by a psychologist or psychiatrist; and
  • without the participation of an endocrinologist.

But count on it. Medicaid-funded transgender diagnosis and prescription services by GPs are coming to a General Assembly session soon. Transgender activists want it, and they know whom to ask.

Vote Democratic and the U.K. “scheme” can be there for us. And our kids.