Raven Baxter Found Her Virginia Beach Dream Home. The Owner Didn’t Want To Sell To A Black Woman.

by Kerry Dougherty

I’m just going to say this: 84 is not THAT old.

Being born in 1940 is no excuse for behaving like a modern-day segregationist.

Guess who was born that year?

Al Pacino, Ringo Starr, Dionne Warwick, Chuck Norris, Cliff Richard, Mario Andretti, Nancy Pelosi and the late John Lennon and Bruce Lee.

Not exactly relics. (Except the dead guys, I guess.)

Virginians born 84 years ago are not products of the Antebellum South. They may remember the bad old days of segregation, but they certainly should have outgrown Jim Crow.

Not all have, apparently.

The New York Times recently published a story about an 84-year-old resident of Virginia Beach whom they say had agreed to sell her condo at the oceanfront to Raven Baxter, a 30-year-old molecular biologist from Northern Virginia. They agreed on a sales price long distance, contracts were signed, an inspection was underway and the real estate deal seemed to be sailing smoothly toward closing, according to The Times.

But The Times reports that when the seller discovered her buyer was African- American, she wanted to kill the deal.

In May of 2024. Unbelievable.

Dr. Baxter has a popular website, Dr. Raven The Science Maven, an X account and podcast. Check them out. She’s smart, vivacious and kids will love her experiments. Baxter went public with her story and let it be known she was not giving up the house of her dreams because a suddenly-recalcitrant seller with an appalling reason wanted to abort the deal.

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5 responses to “Raven Baxter Found Her Virginia Beach Dream Home. The Owner Didn’t Want To Sell To A Black Woman.”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    But hey, once they get that sorted out, no doubt, kids and grandkids may well be asked to attend a school that is named fr segregationists and racists… doing it right now in Va.

  2. Disgraceful incident. Unfortunately, the seller is not alone in her racist beliefs. I knew a number among my family and acquaintances. Fortunately for society, the generation marinated in the beliefs of the segregation era is literally dying out. Also fortunately for society, very few hold positions of power or influence in our society anymore, and there are legal protections for people like Dr. Baxter.

    I fully concur with Kerry that neighborhood residents should roll out the carpet for Dr. Baxter and make a special effort to welcome her to the community. It sounds like she will be a marvelous addition.

  3. StarboardLift Avatar

    At 30, Dr. Raven has lapped the seller in education/intelligence which is its own triumph.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      happened back during Jim Crow also..with same results..

    2. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      yeah, no.

      can’t let the willfully ignorant do things like that just because they’re willfully ignorant…


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