Stop the Presses: Chichester Rumored to Step Down

The grassroots email network is buzzing tonight with rumors that Sen. John Chichester, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, will not be running for re-election. Chichester will reportedly make the official announcement on Monday.

I affectionately referred to Chichester in my columns and postings as “Sir John ‘tax them until they’re dead and then hit them with the death tax’ Chichester. There is little doubt that if it weren’t for Commissar Chichester and his Senate gang of five, Mark Warner would have never been able to enact the 2004 tax increase.

If Chichester does indeed step down, there is little doubt that another chapter to the era of the good ole boys running our Commonwealth has come to an end.

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9 responses to “Stop the Presses: Chichester Rumored to Step Down”

  1. Jamie Radtke Avatar
    Jamie Radtke


    We have heard the same thing from multiple good sources. Interesting to see if it is true. We posted someting on our blog earlier today about it. We also hear it was Monday. We’ll wait and see…

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    His Lordship Sir John Chichester leaveth?

    If ‘knave’ weren’t an ad hominen attack on the personhood of other Republican Senators, one could suggest succinctly who else needs to go. So, perhaps we should say many of his fellow travelers still need to leave the senate also.

  3. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    If the story is true, and I have absolutely no idea if it is or not, it needs to be seen in the larger context of Russ Potts’ decision not to run again, as well as strong and credible challengers to senators Walter Stosch and Emmett Hanger (and others I may not know about). The Republican Caucus in the state Senate will become a very different beast.

  4. nova_middle_man Avatar

    Pretty soon will need to start number crunching

    Assuming conventional wisdom holds a 21-19 R-D makeup in the senate

    There are currently arguably 7 Conservatives within the R group

    For a switch over you need 11

    Potts replacement arguably bumps it to 8 Chichester would be 9 if the R would win and a logical argument could be made that when you are that close 2 other people would join the conservatives

    At this point the house and senate would finally get along

    Lots of ifs still shall be very interesting

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Lets just throw a couple more out and give the Democrats control. We’ve seen what the Republicans can do!
    111% increase in the state budget
    More government, unelected regional authorities that can spend tax dollars on “recreational and cultural events” NOT ROADS!
    And lets not forget

    Lets see what the Democrats can do. I’m sick of the lying, two faced, back stabbing, low life, scum of the earth, Republicans performance.

    I’ve voted Republican for every election since 1989. It will be another 18 years before I vote for one again.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Anon. 7:10 am.

    I am right there with you. As a GOPer at heart, the lack of leadership going on at the GA has made me question alot about the GOP in Virginia. Mean-spiritedness, pure partisanship, sticking with the “party line” is not what Virginia needs. Potts, Chichester, Stosch, and many other senior statesmen of Virginia politics have tried, but the rabid junior pups smell blood. Blackburn will go down hard.

    I guess it is just part of the cycle but they’re going to go down say “no new taxes” right to the exist door. “No new workable solutions” is not what Virginia needs.

    Oh wait, but the Swedes have a congestion pricing program to pay for transportation costs. Oh yeah, and gas cost $5.00 a gallon (don’t let the facts get in the way). Bacons Rebellion needs a reality check as well. Keep blathering about changing human settlement patterns – the Old Dominion State is going to be a mess for the next ten years. Enjoy!


  7. Anonymous Avatar

    The anti-social, anti-tax, anti-
    government, anti-progress hords
    on this blog who would post some
    of the rude, silly, ignorant
    comments contained herein need to
    go back to their caves and wallow
    in their stupid, mindless views of
    society and Virginia.

  8. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    The Free Lance Star reports this morning 3 or 4 potential challengers … and some words from Chichester that he would “support” those who were not extreme….

    one presumes this support would also be financial

    methinks that Chichester will play a role … in his successor…

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    My problem with northrop grumman is every time a news paper/ or vita hurts thier fillings in our weekly meetings/ They always go crying to gov kaine/ Or they tell workers at lebanon va site to keep thier mouth shut or they will pull the plug on this site. After 10 years they will be leaving anyway/ even talked to copt the company that owns building in lebanon. And they are even wondering if northrop grumman can hang on that long// Vita has its problems to but atleast they dont cry to gov kaine everytime they get in argument with northrop grumman over something/ Weres Fox news when you need them//

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