Soft-On-Crime Va. Democrats’ Offal Proposal

by Kerry Dougherty

Oh look. Another garbage bill courtesy of Virginia’s soft-on-crime Democrats!

Want to see what’s coming our way if Dems regain control of the General Assembly and Governor’s Mansion?

Check out SB1080.

Yep, a gaggle of Virginia’s leading lefties pushed a measure that would classify felons younger than 21 as JUVENILES. Virginia law currently calls those criminals older than 18 ADULTS.

Because that’s what they are.

Insane? Yes. But what better way to get felons back on the street quickly than to pretend they’re just naughty kids! Oh, and just think how cool it would be for delinquent 11-year-olds to be housed with 20-year-old criminals in juvenile detention centers. It would be like giving them round-the-clock tutorials on how to become lifelong hairballs.

No, it didn’t pass. This time. Bad bills like this usually take a few tries. This one did get out of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, however. Luckily it died in Finance and Appropriations.

Jim Sherlock, writing for Bacon’s Rebellion, has an in-depth look at this bill and the astronomical costs associated with redefining who is a minor.

It’s worth noting that this odious proposal had the support of a gaggle of influential Richmond Democrats who twitch with excitement any time they encounter a bill that favors the felon over public safety.

Who were the bleeding heart senators who voted in the Senate Judiciary Committee to set this steaming piece of excrement loose on the commonwealth?

The usual suspects:

Louise Lucas, naturally; Dick Saslaw, the majority leader of the Senate and ranking member of the Judiciary Committee; Creigh Deeds, who was the Democrat nominee for governor back in 2009; Joe Morrissey, who made history in 2015 as the first member of the General Assembly to commute to the Capitol from a jail cell on work-release; Chap Petersen; John Edwards; Scott Surovell; and the Jennifers: McClellan and Boysko. Jennifer McClellan was just sworn into Congress.

Not to worry. This bad bill will be back next year. And the next.

Only one way to stop it. Vote!

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.