Oh Phil! Phil! How’s Your Day Going?

It’s time for Phil R. to chime in, and where better than here on Bacon’s Rebellion?

The mailman brought me a bit of a surprise today, a copy of the fake Club for Growth mailing challenging Kilgore on taxes. But it is only sort of a fake, since it is based on a real Oct. 10 news release from the Club for Growth. You have to really hunt to find the Kaine for Governor disclaimer printed on the right side of Kilgore’s photo, but it’s there.

The best place to see it for yourself (if you are not on the Republican primary voter list like we are) is at the Washington Post’s blog. They have the full PDF posted. I’ve seen it discussed on a couple of other blogs as well. Our readers should chime in.

When I first saw it on line, I thought it was really from VCFG. Then I read today it was a Kaine mailing, but used real rhetoric questioning Kilgore on taxes from a Club for Growth news release. It even goes so far as to state that the text was originally “approved” by the Virginia Club for Growth — wouldn’t want anybody claiming plagarism or failure to disclose.

First thought, there Phil goes again — right in character, shooting at a Republican who doesn’t meet his measure of perfection and putting purity above victory. Second thought — how deceptive of the Kaine campaign. But it’s growing on me. As a tactician, it’s growing on me. In my reporting days I used to say that the meanest thing I ever did to a politican was quote him accurately.

This mailer is going in the permanent collection. It won’t change the outcome, but it will sow confusion and resentment on our side and it must be ruining somebody’s day. I hope it is causing the Club for Growth the most grief, frankly. To my D friends: A tip of the hat, guys — I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Another old rule of mine: Never underestimate the Republican Party’s gift for self-destruction.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “shooting at a Republican who doesn’t meet his measure of perfection and putting purity above victory.”

    I guess if all you care about is the letter next to someone’s name, that might seem silly. But that’s a pretty hollow standing. If, on the other hand, it’s principle you care about, then I would say that there is a pretty decent case to be made that if what you really value is smaller government, then having divided party government has proven to be far superior to one-party rule. At least an actively divided government (especially an executive/legislative split) often checks pork on both sides, instead of being a binge for the party in power. I’d say that it’s a pretty even chance that a Kilgore administration would spend as much if not more than a Kaine one, purely because paying back your own party’s eager desires is inevitable.

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Timing is everything. In sports, comedy, business, war and politics. I was surprised when I got my mailer – if I got the real one not the Dem knock off – because I thought the timing was terrible.

    It makes sense to me to argue politics in open and frank discussions. At some point one must choose which candidate to support or none.

    If one candidate is worth supporting, then that candidate is worth not bashing after a point in time because the political rhetoric only will wound.

    When is the time to keep one’s differences with a public candidate more private than not? To each his own idea of timing. I would think October is certainly not a good time.

    If you are a Republican, Libertarian or Conservative whatnot, Now is the time for all good men to come to the defense of their Commonwealth… and ask others to vote for the Republicans in two weeks.

  3. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Steve et al:

    We just issued a Press Release on the sleazy and misleading Kaine Campaign mailing. Of course, that doesn’t change our position that Jerry Kilgore has been elusive and deceptive on the issue of taxes.

    Click here for our Press Release.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    The second statment isn’t going to do much to repair the damage.

    I don’t think Kilgore has been elusive and deceptive on taxes. I think he has dug himself in pretty deeply, about as deeply as possible without signing “the pledge” — and voters have understandably lost faith in the pledge. The pledge is not a good thing for a governor who cannot foresee the future.

    Kilgore openly opposed what happened in 2004. He is not going around promising to roll it back because 1) he wouldn’t have the votes 2) the money has largely been spent on popular things and 3) the people really aren’t that mad about it (read Mason Dixon). But once elected he might be in a position to use the flexibility of growing revenues to make some other tax changes (car tax, death tax, personal exemptions) of value. I have alot more confidence in Kilgore’s statements on the issue because he isn’t crossing his heart and spitting.

    Reading between the lines of this second release, it sounds like much of the problem between the Club and the Campaign is the decision to hire Ken as the manager, because Ken worked for the senators two years ago. That is putting paranoia on a pedestal.

  5. NotGroverNorquist Avatar

    Phil’s chutzpah is truly amazing.

    It is time for him and the rest of the Club for Growth (Paul Jost, are you listening?)to retire the term RINO. They have met the enemy and it is they (with appologies to Pogo for dragging him into this family quarrel.)

    Republicans don’t trash Republicans in the middle of a campaign.

    Republicans do observe Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.

    Republicans don’t serve up to Democrats ammunition to use against Republicans.

    Republicans don’t repeat their attack on their party’s nominee 14 days before Election Day.

    Hey Phil, Paul: you’re RINOS!!!

  6. Anonymous Avatar


    While I am a little uncomfortable with Phil’s press release at this point from the perspective of the party, I would not call it a breaking of the 11th commandment of Reagan. He takes pains in the press releases to not be personal about it. He raises legitimate policy questions and asks supporters to remind Kilgore of their desires with regard to taxes and spending. He does not come out against Kilgore.

    Plus the VCFG is not a “Republican” organization. I noted recently that the Libertarian candidate for delegate in the 67th is a member. VCFG has one main issue and Jerry is at odds with them on this one. There are however less blunt ways of trying to get Jerry to be more true to the no tax increase and responsible spending positions.

    As for your comments about RINO’s, are you now willing to admit that others like Gary Reese, Russ Potts, and John Chichester at least by your defninition are no longer Republicans?

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    “We just issued a Press Release on the sleazy and misleading Kaine Campaign mailing.”

    How dare they broadcast your words to a greater audience than the three people who normally hear them!

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Can someone tell me what “extra state dollars” are? Jerry Kilgore seems to think that they are a way to spend lots of transportation money without raising taxes. Does the club for growth support the use of fantasy budgeting?

  9. SoccerMoms Avatar

    Just how tiny was the print on the backside of the “Kelly Letter”? You know, the letter that was supposed to LOOK LIKE she wrote it herself?

    Y’all sound just like the bully on the playground ~ weenies screaming over an open fire ~ the first time I kicked him in the ***** for beating up my little sister.

    Get a grip, guys…what goes around, comes around.

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Soccer Moms,

    You really are a crude person.

    And your comments are so crude that they contribute little or nothing to the conversation.

    In fact, your comments do more to drive people AWAY from democrats than they do to drive people toward your position.

    And while I think the Kaine mailer was fair game, there is a WORLD of difference between that Kelly mailing and the Kaine mailing. Kelly said to the Kilgore campaign, I support you, and I would like you to mail this on my behalf. Is that what the VCG said to Kaine? Nope. Nonetheless, it was still fair game, IMO. But you really need to brush up on your logic skills if you truly believe the two scenarios are compatible.

  11. Susan Tomlinson Avatar
    Susan Tomlinson

    I read Phil’s Club for Growth Press Release responding to the misleading Kaine ad (that violated the RNC’s copyrighted elephant to boot)and once again saw the inherent weakness of the Club for Growth revealed, to-wit: That the Club for Growth prefers to slam Republicans who do not tow their line far more than slamming Democrats who dispise everything the Club stands for. Once could compare the Club for Growth to a cult that spends its time demonizing its members who stray from the core teachings of the cult while giving the sinful members of the world at large a hall pass

  12. Cy Cohen Avatar

    Susan Tomlinson’s blog piece said it all for me, but she was too polite. Phil and his merry band of far right wing fringe anti-taxers who take glee in slamming Republicans are the real RINO’s of Virginia. Hey, Phil: why don’t you, Peter Ferrara, Jim Parmalee and the rest of your Club for Growth guys just announce that you are not Republicans and are instead card-carrying members of the Libertarian Party? It would be the pure thing to do and then I would no longer call you RINO’s

  13. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Cy and Susan are witness to the wisdom that sometimes the intramural scrimmages are tougher than the away games for some teams.

  14. Oooooh please. You moderate GOP guys are crazy. The Club for Growth owns the VA GOP, and if they don’t now, they will after the ’07 Senate Bloodbath.

    Phil and his friends are taking over – you guys can defend big spending tax increasers like Kilgore/Chichester/Norment now, but as soon as it comes time to choose between them and an anti-tax ideologue, you all will be the first to kick these guys off the cliff.

    The age of the GOP moderate is coming to a close in Virginia. Mark my words.

  15. Dear Paul, Your pipedream of a far right wing, anti-tax Anschluss of the Virginia Republican Party may give you some nice conversation amongst your Club for Growth colleagues as you sip your Jägermeister together at VCFG meetings, but you are way, way out of touch with the Virginia voter. Let’s remember the Republican Primary of this past May when the VCFG and its vorspann, Grover Nordquist, targeted a group of Republican delegates for defeat and went only 1 for 7, knocking off only an anemic Gary Reese in the 67th District who could barely muster 1,300 votes in his entire district and would have lost anyway.

  16. Anonymous Avatar

    Tom –

    I’m a Democrat who pounds the Jäger.

    While I agree that the right-wing gains were pretty anemic this year, I doubt things will turn out as well for moderate GOPers in ’07. After either Kilgore (or Kaine) raises taxes with the Senate’s consent…oh, there’ll be hell to pay.

  17. Sorry, that was me. Clicked the wrong button.

  18. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    NotGroverNorquist, Cy Cohen, et al

    What part of “non-partisan” don’t you understand?

    We’re not a mouth piece for the Republcan or the Democrat parties.

    We solely promote pro-growth economic policies based on lower taxes and smaller government. We’re not about to compromise our principles just to get an elusive and deceptive Republican candidate elected.

    Jerry Kilgore has problems with just about every conservative group in the State, such as the Pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax, smaller governemnt, etc. groups. His campaign has made it a policy to go out of its way to insult conservatives.

    To moderates, that may be fine, since very few of them in the Republican Party nowadays stand on principle.

    Hence you got Gary Reese and Jim Dillard endorsing Democrats, but no one in the mainstream of the Republican Party seems upset with them. Yet, dare we challenge Kilgore’s unknown position on taxes and smaller government and we’re called all kind of names.

    If you guys can’t see the duplicity, I don’t know what else to say…

  19. Cy Cohen Avatar

    Dear Tom, You are right on the money, especially with the German usages. In taking a look at Phil’s mugshot that he appends on his blogs, it appears to me that he would look great in a brown shirt. Phil’s moustache also fits in well too, but he should trim a little bit of it off the sides to give it a more historically-accurate look.

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    Get a life Cy. You add absolutely nothing to the conversation!

  21. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Perhaps political success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Running 6 candidates (VCAP supported) against 17 RINOs was a win for some Conservatives. Not kidding.

    I tried to recruit candidates for Party intramurals for our 4 HD RINOs in Tidewater. I was close but no banana for 2 and zip-nada-nothing for 2. Reasonable people, good candidates, had nice lives and didn’t want to spoil them taking on the kinds of invective you see on this blog among Republicans when incumbents are challenged. I’ll try again in 07. It’s really hard to find good candidates from the same Party to run against incumbents.

    Winning 2 for 6 is very good in Virginia. They represent, I believe, the 4th and 5th or so incumbents to be beaten in their own party primary since Reconstruction. They don’t call us the Old Dominion for nothing. Ask Charles II. I helped take out the 2nd incumbent since Reconstruction in 01 – and it made lifetime political enemies in the Party – and won some new political allies.

    Now having chatted that up, let me say that in October of the election year I am all rah-rah sis boom bah for all of our candidates – incumbent RINOs too.

    Look forward to culling the RINOs out of the herd of elephants in 07. I am confident that the politics of power and the pride of arrogance for RINOs will make them ‘stuck on stupid’ in 06 and richly deserve their challenges in 07.

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    “His campaign has made it a policy to go out of its way to insult conservatives. “

    And many conservatives have made it a policy to respond “THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!” But then, a lot of such folks have a lot to gain professionally and politically by a Kilgore win, regardless of any principle whatsoever.

  23. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Another of my observations: All fatal wounds in politics are self-inflicted. And the wounds Gary Reese inflicted on himself prior to this primary went well beyond the tax vote, where (as you recall) he voted both ways and let people down on both sides. For any group to claim some broad ideological mandate in taking him down, and from winning one other open seat, is taking far more credit than they deserve. For one thing, lets see who wins those districts next month. Winning a primary only to lose the seat — that qualifies as progress? Call me back after we hear if those seats stay in the R Caucus.

    And yes, there are “conservatives” who would rather a Democrat win than the “wrong kind” of Republican. I am still amazed by that.

    Brave talk on the Senate in O7, but I suspect that the incumbents who run again and run good campaigns will all be fine. The 2004 stuff will be long forgotten. Two years is a LONG time. The real battle for “real conservatives” will be to find strong candidates in any open seats who can persuade the voters they are truly qualified, maybe have seen their 30th birthday, and while they have principles, they are also willing to listen, learn and respect opposing points of view.

    As to whether the Club for Growth survives this wound, time will tell — but it was 100 percent self-inflicted!

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    It has gotten to the point that if a person has the slightest disagreement with another he or she assumes the mantle of “conservative” and the opponent becomes a RINO. There is no intelligent discussion or debate about policy in the Party, only name calling and repercussions.

    I am a lifelong Republican who is feeling increasingly alienated by what is happening in the Party. Given the dramatic fall-off in the membership of my local Republican Committee, I am not alone.

    During the French Revolution the leaders of the Terror eventually became the victims of it. I have watched as yesterday’s Republican heroes have become today’s RINOs. I am old enough to know this: today’s RINO hunters will be tomorrow’s prey.

  25. vincent thoms Avatar
    vincent thoms

    I remember a few years ago when I was in seventh grade you were one of the orginial people to help get me started in the Republican party.
    You told me about Mark Earley, and helped get me familiar with many of the issues.
    Why now sir, are you attacking people like Sean Connaughton, and many of the percieved moderates in the party?
    Did the press release on Kilgore not hurt you all? The races are already so close, especially in NOVA, and I know many delegate races like Chris Craddocks,you have personally met with and helped, and now you are hurting them by taking away precious votes.

    Why sir?

  26. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Anon: I hope I live long enough to be hunted down as a RINO. I think you are painting the intramural contest with a broad brush. There are some people who are ‘my way or the highway’ and legalists of the first order on issues of political doctrine. Most Conservatives are more pragmatic.

    I can be specific on what I see as RINOs in Virginia.

    First, I would refer you to the Virginia Republican Creed at the RPV website.

    If a candidate, elected politician, or party member violates that creed, I would say they have stepped out of good fellowship.

    So take “That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government”.

    When the State Central Committee passes a unanimous resolution for the GOP caucus in Dec 03 to not increase taxes and revenue is up (7% in Sep 03 and climbing)… and then Republicans meet with the Gov privately and go around the back of the designated GOP negotiating team to vote for the Dem tax increase, then I think you have a RINO. Apostate is another good word.

    Yet, when a politician falls off the wagon on some issues like Sen. John Warner – he is not a RINO. Just a weak moderate. Likewise, when a strong Republican like Sen George Allen goes wobbly to make Homosexuals a protected class of citizens against hate crimes – he is not a RINO. Just ill-advised or pandering for President.

    Steve Haner: I understand about taking anyone and everyone’s vote to win an election. Big tents win. But I am curious if you see a vertical priority of loyalty.

    For example, I am a Conservative first and Republican second. The only utility of a liberal Republican IN OFFICE (always want general population liberal Republican votes)is to keep a majority in a legislative body.

    Other than keeping a majority for legislative initiatives, I don’t see the difference between a liberal Republican and a liberal Democrat on votes. The barrier to progress in the GA assembly today is tax and spend Republican senators starting with His Lordship Sir John Chichester. How do you see it differently? Thanks.

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    Phil way overstepped himself on this one. This self appointed group are not helping elect the candidate who by far comes closest to their goals and they should get rid of Phil or expect not to be listend to by the vast majprity of the GOP. Phil needs to forget his personal ego and do what is right to advance the goals of the VCG. Endorse Kilgore tomorrow with none of the backbiting he has been doing.

  28. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    On a host of issues John Chichester is as conservative as you could hope him to be. Really. (Twenty years ago he was carrying the banner against Doug Wilder — I remember voting for him.) Don’t judge his long, long career just on the car tax fight in 2001 and the general tax fight in 2004. (And on the car tax it is easy to argue he took a fiscally conservative stance.)

    A bit of personal history: I was never active in poitics until I left the newspaper in 1986. I voted maybe 80 percent Republican, always Republican for federal offices (didn’t really think party for sheriff or supervisor and seldom saw R’s on the ballot for legislature.) Then for several years I was paid to be a Republican, and my goal was to build a majority, take over control of the chambers. That was a big tent game — all the way, and no apologies. Jim Dillard’s vote was just as important at Bob Marshall’s toward that goal, and I happily helped both when asked. It is also fair to say that some in both factions have never forgotten my support for the other one…..no good deed…

    An observation I’ve made before: I care about conservative philosophy, but I also care about character and honor. Ultra Liberal Democrats are perfectly capable of having character and honor, and I don’t have much stomach anymore for conservatives who do not.

    I am an American first, a Virginian second, if you want to rank priority (sticking to the temporal realm), and place my loyalty to many things above political philosophy and party. I place great faith in the process, which only works with competition. But if you are IN the game (as you and Phil clearly still are), if you have chosen a side, back your candidate.

  29. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Oh, and in the five years I sat in those closed Caucus meetings I can tell you any dictates, resolutions or pleas from State Central were greeted with hoots of laughter. Even the folks that agreed with them wouldn’t recognize that group having any “authority” over them. Please.

  30. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Steve: Thanks. I am still laughing about the Caucus hooting over the SCC resolutions. I suspected that. You confirmed it.

    I’ve heard older First District hands lament the turning, or whatever is the right verb, of Sen. Chichester from being as you say such a stalwart Conservative.

    I understand the utility of a Liberal’s yes being yes and no being no as honorable men and women. Since politics is all about compromise, not purity, that’s good. But, I didn’t see in your answer the utility for the ultimate vote, when there are principles at stake, for a Liberal Republican if you (rhetorically) are Conservative.

    You established a priority in citizenship and, likely, loyalty. I was talking about loyalty to principle ideas over Party affliation. Like ships in the night we pass.

    I heartily agree that we need another party for competition for ideas and votes. Also, were the Republicans to rule without a challenge for 20 years, maybe 10, they (we) should be thrown out, becuase we will be corrupted by power. It’s the way of the world. Which is why I said earlier, I should live long enough to be hunted as a RINO – nice hope.

  31. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    JAB: It’s not ships that pass in the night — it’s ducking the question.

    You force me to think about things when I should be getting on the road to the mountains. Hmmm. Elections are human choices, two flawed sinners asking for my vote, and I try to remember that and my own flawed status. Taking the choices offered I’ll probably go with the Republican who is squishy on some issues or even many issues. It is hard to imagine a Democrat being closer to my views on the majority of issues (maybe Lieberman over Weicker). True liberal Republicans are pretty rate, although one visited Virginia yesterday — Guiliani. And the party control of the legislature means some very conservative people have real power.

    You want to change things? Change the state law that allows incumbents to name their nominating process. Force more financial disclosures. But don’t sit on your hands if the process produces a nominee who isn’t up to your standards.

  32. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Anon 8:02
    I hate to disappoint you, but it has nothing to do with my ego. The VCG doesn’t endorse or support candidates that won’t sign a taxpayer protection pledge and who will not commit to supporting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

    Whether Kilgore is the lesser of two evils is not the issue. John Chichester also campaigned as a fiscal conservative in 2003 and proposed a $4 Billion tax increase in 2004. That’s why we will not support any candidate who doesn’t sign the taxpayer protection pledge.

    You also miss the bigger point. It’s not just the VCG that is upset with Kilgore. There are a number of conservative groups that are just as vocal. Talk to the VCDL, the VGOC, the various groups that form the Tuesday Morning Group coalition, pro-life groups, etc. and you’ll find that their committed based is thoroughly disappointed with Kilgore. Whether they will vote for him or not remains to be seen.

    And if you’re looking for a common thread, it’s very simple. Kilgore has been talking from both sides of his mouth on conservative issues. His campaign manager–coincidentally, the same Ken Hutcheson that also ran the campaigns of John Chichester and several other tax-and-spend “Republican” senators in 2003–is stirring a course that has had Kilgore do a difficult fence-balancing act. Nothing infuriates conservatives more than a candidate that portray himself as being conservative, but refuse to take principled stands.

    The moderates in the GOP have no problem supporting whoever sports an “R” after their name–so much for principle! That’s why you have 18 Senators in the State Senate that call themselves Republican, yet vote along with the Democrats.

  33. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis


    >>> But if you are IN the game (as you and Phil clearly still are), if you have chosen a side, back your candidate. <<< I don’t know how many times I have to repeat that neither the VCG nor I are a mouthpiece for the GOP. Just because Kilgore is the Republican candidate; that doesn’t automatically make him “my” candidate. I only support candidates that stand for the same principles I believe in. Kilgore has yet to convince me that he stands for any of the principles we have been fighting for ever since the 2002 sales-tax increase referendum. If anything, Kilgore’s campaign has gone out of its way to stab most conservatives in the eye. Are you suggesting that conservatives should blindly support any Republican, just because he says he’s a Republican? Do you forget that Chichester and others were Democrats before they switched parties only because they were smart enough to see that the demographics were working against them? Does that switch make them a Republican, when they continuously ignore the Party’s creed and legislate like tax-and-spend liberals? I’m really dumbfounded at this sort of logic…

  34. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis


    >>> You want to change things? Change the state law that allows incumbents to name their nominating process. Force more financial disclosures. <<< I agree with the first part. And we’re doing just that, even though right now we’re following a slightly different process. I’m sure you’ve heard of the lawsuit that has been filed by Sen. Ken Cuccinelli that challenges the open primary system. The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that a party’s associational freedom is a fundamental first amendment right. In other words, the State cannot force a political party to have anyone participate in its candidate selection process. If we get a favorable ruling (although I’m not naïve to think that it won’t require one or more appeals to get this), the result will be to introduce party registration and that only registered party members will be able to vote in their respective party’s primary elections. I’m not sure that more financial disclosure will have any impact in the process. Look at all the rules you have at the Federal level and you still have a mess. In my opinion, the financial disclosures in VA are fundamentally broken, because the SBE doesn’t have the resources to fully audit the disclosures. So you basically have a self-reporting system, where the honest candidates report their donations and expenditures, while unscrupulous candidates can get away with reporting only what they wish, while concealing certain donations and expenditures.

  35. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis


    >>> Oh, and in the five years I sat in those closed Caucus meetings I can tell you any dictates, resolutions or pleas from State Central were greeted with hoots of laughter. Even the folks that agreed with them wouldn’t recognize that group having any “authority” over them. Please. <<< You hit the nail on the head! If the elected officials of either party don’t recognize and pay serious attention to the resolutions passed on by their respective State Central committees, what business do they have campaigning as a member of that party? That’s exactly why organizations like the VCG are getting a lot of support from people that were formerly loyal party members and who were disappointed when the candidates they worked to elect to office, simply ignored them after they got elected. A party doesn’t only exist just for the sake of electing candidates and then going home until the next election cycle. As long as candidates act this way, the schism in the Republican Party will continue. (This is not so pronounced in the Democrat Party, because mostly all Democrats march in the same lockstep–Democrats in office pretty much follow the same path as the Democrat grassroots, given their philosophical mind-melt).

  36. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Dear Vincent:

    I hear what you’re saying and it’s not possible to fully explain your questions in a blog post. The problem with the moderates in the Republican Party is that they have torn the Party apart. These people have more in common with the Democrats than they do with the fundamental creed of the GOP.

    I did not attack Sean Connaughton as you put it–I stated the facts. Sean was campaigning as a fiscal conservative whereas he had governed as a liberal leaning moderate. I disagreed with his policies and I spoke out against his false campaign message. But when one exposes a liberal, he’s always accused of having committed personal attacks.

    One of the reasons I’m no longer a member of the Republican Party is because I can no longer support all party candidates in good conscience. As I’ve written about extensively before, Kilgore has gone out his way to spit in the eyes of conservative voters. He thinks that conservatives do not have a choice but to vote for him.

    Kilgore and his handlers, forget that conservatives stand on principles and will rather not vote than to vote for a compromised or flawed candidate.

    So you’re right, I’ve pretty much given up on the Republican Party. The Party cannot reform itself from the inside. That’s why groups like the VA Club for Growth and other conservative organizations are so important for upholding conservative principles, which the GOP conveniently forgets when it comes to voting for whoever sports an “R” after their name.

  37. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Phil: You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…

    Call me Don Quixote, but I am going to do what I can within the Party for a bit more. One wee fish in this Commonwealth pond who couldn’t get 4 candidates for HD in Tidewater in 05. But things are looking up for 07 for Senate and House challenges. Hooah.

  38. Anonymous Avatar


    You just don’r get it. I think now you are just as much of a RINO as Chichester. You seem to have this personal think with Hutcheson because you can’t stop talking about it so it really is a personal thing with you. The party is about electing people and all of them aren’t supposed to fall into the line your small group leads.

    Your VCG name is really a hideout. You are a tax group, not a growth group. I would love to see your bylaws on who appoints you(it’s not on your website). I understand the directors-who were self appointed- appoint new directors- sounds really liike an open group. You will take people’s monies but not allow them to vote on the leadership- ever heard of Patrick Henry ?

    Now that you openly say you are not a Republican, I am sure you will not again come to a State Central meeting as someone’s proxy when the issue happens to be one that interests you. I for one would ask you to sign the pledge which you say you will never do. Would be interesting since you want to have others sign your pledges.

    You really have dug a big hole for yourself this time.

  39. Republican in the 7 5 7 Avatar
    Republican in the 7 5 7

    Okay this has nothing to do with this particular blog -but I have to say this so this is where I found to put it…

    so on Oct., 31 James Atticus Bowden wrote:

    Tom Gear for Delegate

    The reasons to vote for Tom over Randy Gilliland run deep. Tom has represented The People of the 91st HD openly, honestly, and bravely. Tom doesn’t push his agenda, but serves The People’s requests. Tom sponsored the first strong legislation to fight illegal immigration. Tom fights tax increases. The rich and powerful special interests who run Hampton and Newport News hate that and him. The people who profit from government, making their living off the Commonwealth and local taxes and spending, fought Tom bitterly in 01, 03 and now 05. Same names, same money, same politics. Except this time it has a new low in mud-slinging.

    Randy is making more personal attacks than Byrne. He has no issues. Take Kaine’s character issues and multiply by one hundred to measure how low Gilliland will go to buy the 91st HD seat. Lifelong Democrat Gilliland won’t even face the voters as a Democrat. He has the Democrat Governor and all the local Dems to his fund raiser. Gilliland spent almost $12k for a private detective to dig up dirt on Gear. The only dirt they could find is common mistakes and business downturns from 15 years ago.

    Vote for a representative who paid his taxes late or a failed politician who is losing his job in Hampton and will raise your taxes every chance he gets. Vote for Gear who earned his 100 percent pro-family rating.

    — October 31, 2005

    So, Mr. Bowden-are you truly from Hampton roads, because if you are, you would know that most of what you said is not true….I plan to vote the republican ticket, and agree with most of what you said about ALL of the other candidates, but what has been said about Gear and Gilliland struck a chord with me…

    Tom Gear is an idiot…I voted for him the first time…he went to Richmond and didn’t do ANYTHING for us in the 91st…now it has leaked he has failed to pay his taxes on time 19 TIMES while in office…do the people of the 91st really want someone that IRRESPONSIBLE to represent them in Richmond??!!! and not to mention he bounced a few checks, filed for bankruptcy, and now runs a bingo hall…not even as the owner-but as the “manager”….he’s a gambler with his own money…he will CONTINUE to be a gambler with the voters of the 91st district’s money!

    Now, Randy Gilliland…he is a respected city councilman, and yes people DID try to recall him, but it was the blacks that were angry with him AND the 3 other councilmen and woman who voted to fire the black city manager…. who was by the way the biggest jerk to ever hold the city manager position in hampton…..so they tried to recall Randy- but they (the blacks) failed to get enough signatures by over 1200 (signatures) and they only needed 3,000!! come on!!! So you cannot say his seat is in jeopardy…hes up for re-election in May for council- unless he wins this election..either way he will be holding one position or the other because what he said he was going to do back in 02′, he has done for the city of Hampton…he has LOWERED the tax rate!!

    Also you failed to mention that your buddy Gear was once a longtime democrat- not to mention his family are all democrats!!!!!

    He switched over to the Republican party to run the first time for the delegate seat because of the overwhelming Republican population of the 91st district…..

    Now THAT’S all something to think about….Tom Gear’s a joke, and the voters of the 91st will see right through him on November 8th

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