New Face at Bacon’s Rebellion

We have a new face here at Bacon’s Rebellion — we just can’t show it to you yet. But we will as soon as we can!

I am winding up the writing of my book, “Boomergeddon,” and soon will begin the task of generating publicity for it. That task will entail building and maintaining a Boomergeddon website and blog, writing op-ed pieces and giving speeches to more or less anyone willing to listen to me. I have spent all too little time with the Bacon’s Rebellion blog as it is, and I will have even less time in the future.

Therefore, I have invited the blogger known as Groveton to fill in for me. Regular readers of the blog know Groveton from his frequent comments. Among all the regular participants, he comes the closest to representing my perspective on many issues, and, hence, will provide a worthy philosophical balance to Peter G. and EMR. He will continue in the tradition of providing pointed political commentary on Virginia public policy in a civil spirit.

Close readers of the blog know that Groveton is a senior executive with a major technology company with a presence in Northern Virginia. He attended Groveton High School and graduated from the University of Virginia. He travels around the world for his business, bringing valuable insight into the realities of competing in a global economy. Like me, he is a fiscal/economic conservative, a social moderate and a political independent. He is slowly but surely coming to see the light on transportation/land use issues. And he has a great sense of humor.

In inviting Groveton to contribute to Bacon’s Rebellion, I have broken a cardinal rule: that all contributors should be open and transparent about who they are. Because of his employment with a prominent company, Groveton is faced with a devil’s choice: Either stay anonymous, or go public and pull his punches so as not to cause his employer any embarrassment. We reached a deal. Groveton will pull no punches.When he retires a year from now, he will go public, blogging under his real name and identity.

Welcome aboard, Groveton.

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9 responses to “New Face at Bacon’s Rebellion”

  1. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    Welcome GROVETON!

    Now the first order of business is for Groveton to explain why we have an AG using that office with McCarthy tactics against those in Academia that he disagrees with.

    For those who have paid attention, Groveton latched on to the celebrity of this Cuccineli guy when he decided to grandstand the states rights issue with regard to the right-wing-hated Obamacare… recently passed.

    Now.. the guy has moved on to "investigate" those in Virginia's Institutions of Higher Education who "may" have had conspiratorial contacts with those "other" climate change charlatans of Anglia.

    Now, we apparently look forward to the taxpayers of Virginia to pay for an "office of nefarious activities of liberal professors"

    This is really sweet.

    Normally I have to wait or Groveton to "appear" in the posts.. now .. this is like getting a big fat softball pitch on a regular basis, eh.

    Welcome. Welcome. 🙂

  2. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    I am glad to see Groveton but I prefer the more mellow, post-Amsterdam Groveton.

    And who needs balance, Bacon? Geez!

    Peter Galuszka

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    This is exciting news. One of the biggest problems lately has been the lack of new posts from Jim, Peter & EMR. Hopefully this means we'll see more from each of you.


  4. E M Risse Avatar
    E M Risse


    Welcome aboard!!


  5. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    Wait a minute!

    Now I have figured it out! Groveton IS Cuccinelli. Please tell me if I am wrong.


  6. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    OH GAWD! Bacon is a rat!

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    No, Groveton is really Tim Kaine.


  8. Anonymous Avatar

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    Some as blog hosts.


  9. Tyler Craddock Avatar
    Tyler Craddock

    It's not Kaine; it's not Cooch. Look at the pic. Groveton is Murray Langston…..

    Seriously, welcome aboard Groveton.

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