More on Landmark’s Plans

The biggest interest in the possible sale of Landmark’s media assets centers on the Weather Channel and its companion website, That’s not surprising. In today’s Wall Street Journal, there’s some guesswork from SNL Kaine’s Derek Baine on how to value those two properties, and the result is rather amazing:

…the Web business may be valued at $3.5 billion while the television operation could be worth $1.5 billion. He notes that the channel, while generating lots of cash, is no longer a growth business.

A website that’s worth more than a cable channel. Now that’s a sure sign of how the media landscape has changed. So where does that leave Landmark’s newspapers?

Potential buyers for the newspapers could include Gannett Co., MediaNews Group Inc. or Media General Inc., said John Morton, president of Morton Research Inc., a media consulting firm in Silver Spring, Md.

Low valuations for newspapers may broaden the pool of potential buyers “but make it that much more painful for Landmark to part with them,” Mr. Morton said.

Representatives for Gannett and MediaNews Group declined to comment. Media General didn’t return calls for comment.

Print isn’t dead. But newspapers can’t command a premium in the marketplace (unless you’re Rupert Murdoch, or the Journal). The question then becomes whether Landmark will be willing to unload its papers at any price, or hold them in hopes of grinding out whatever profits it can.

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One response to “More on Landmark’s Plans”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “A website that’s worth more than a cable channel. Now that’s a sure sign of how the media landscape has changed.”

    Don’t most newspapers have a website?

    IMO, most newspapers don’t maximize their websites in terms of the content they offer. Most local newspapers simply offer a digital version of the print version of their paper online and call it a website…..they could be so much more than that.

    Photo galleries(sponsored by an advertiser), web video, long-term in depth stories made for the web….there are a lot of untapped things that most local news outlets don’t do at the moment.

    Anyone that has worked in the media knows that news is expensive to produce. However, technology is bringing the cost of producing news for the web down. Anyone could go to Wal-mart and buy a camera that shoots digital video good enough to be put on a website. That’s a huge untapped resource for newspapers that is virtually being given to TV station websites.

    One of the best news-links I get each day is in an e-mail from, the newspaper in Hampton Roads….and I live in the Shenandoah Valley! It’s quick, easy to read, and it comes right to my finger tips.

    Once all the 30-somethings currently in the news business make it to the level of editor and business manager things will start to change. They will almost have to if they want to survive.

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