Metro Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

The Washington Metro is planning to purchase 100 rail cars at $2 million a pop to run trains along the silver line, the 24-mile Rail-to-Dulles extension of the metro system, reports That’s despite the fact that no one is certain how much the project will cost or how any amount over the current $2.1 billion estimate for Phase One will be funded.

Admittedly, Metro is in a tough position. There’s a long lead time in ordering rail cars. And Metro would look pretty stupid if the rail line and stations were built and there weren’t any cars for anyone to ride.

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One response to “Metro Putting the Cart Before the Horse?”

  1. Well, if Metro had a logical plan, worked out according to what works best and where instead of a politically driven hurry-up agenda, they would be able to work this stuff out in advance. That would mean that it would need to have a predictable source of funds, and one way or another, that would mean taxes.

    Whether it is Metro or roads or schools, if we consistently refuse to fund enough we will be constantly behind the power curve, playing catch-up, and paying more later.

    Or, we can do without, and use the roads we have already built someplace other than Tyson’s.

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