McDonnell Has More to Answer for More Than His Master’s Thesis


til The Washington Post’s revelation of Bob McDonnell’s rather Cro-Magnon views of homosexuals, family and women, Virginia’s gubernatorial race had been a snoozer.

While a graduate student at Televangelist Pat Robertson’s Regent University in the early 1980s, McDonnell, then in his 30s, posited in a master’s degree thesis how the rise of homosexuals, abortion, divorce and the entry of women into the workplace had threatened that basic building block of U.S. society — the family.
McDonnell, a staunch conservative Republican, quickly backtracked after Gays and women protested his patronizing, if not dangerous, view of them. McDonnell insists that he has “changed” although usually by the time a person is in his or her 30s, the formative years are pretty much over.
Up until now, McDonnell had been running ahead of Democrat Creigh Deeds, a decent policy maker but rather boring candidate. McDonnell exudes a kind of Celtic charm that disguises his hard line ideas that could be bad news as Virginia tries to recast itself as a reasonable, moderate state.
There’s another story about McDonnell that needs telling. This one also raises questions about who the real McDonnell is, just what kind of publicity hound he might be and how some of his public stances can have tragic ends.
Back in the late winter of 2008, McDonnell, then state Attorney General, was mugging for the TV cameras. He was pushing a law enforcement project certain to win him favor with plain folks scared to death of sex offenders and “America First” demagogues pandering to racist fears of dark-skinned, “illegal” immigrants (without whom much of the American economy could not function).
McDonnell was pushing “Operation Coldplay,” a sweep of immigrants, illegal or otherwise who had been convicted of sexual molestation. The State Police and the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement were hailing the roundup.
As part of the roust, a man in Northern Virginia was picked up. He was a 48-year-old German man named Guido R. Newbrough was being held for deportation after he’d been caught in a sweep of past sex molesters who happened to be immigrants.
He was the son of an American Air Force sergeant and a German woman and was a German citizen. With the words “Raised American” tattooed on his arm, he’d lived most of his life in the United States, spoke no German and was considered an American, according to The New York Times.
After his molestation conviction 2002, Newbrough appeared on the mend and had stopped drinking before he was picked up in “Operation Coldplay.” as many arrested immigrants are, he was hauled to the Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville to await deportation.
In the Farmville facility, Newbrough complained of an infection. The father of three pleaded for care for 10 days but, according to a federal investigation, prison guards threw him to the ground and locked him in an isolation cell. Found unconscious, he was hospitalized but died the next day. A staph infection had turned a heart ailment fatal.
He was one of 104 immigrants who have died in custody for medical ailments since 2003.
Another twist is that ICA Farmville, a private firm led by a group of Richmond investors, is busy building a $15 million “detention” facility in Farmville that will house up to 775 “illegal” immigrants. It will be run with the Town of Farmville under a contract with ICE. None of the principals has any prison management experience but they hope to get some from, you guessed it, the Piedmont Regional Jail conveniently nearby.
As I wrote this week in Style Weekly, Newbrough’s case has received national publicity. Jeff Winder, a Charlottesville-based organizer with the People United, says that Newbrough’s fatal condition could have been easily treated with antibiotics and that some of the Piedmont Regional Jail officials who oversaw his health are likely to be on the commission that will oversee the ICA-Farmville operation.
“Turning humans over to private companies is wrong,” Winder says. “Their goals are to make dividends for their shareholders and cut costs, not provide adequate care for human beings.”
A lawyer for Legal Aid says that “the immigrant detention system is a disgrace,” and that “there are well-documented cases of medical neglect including Farmville.”
McDonnell got a lot of great press play for his grand-standing on “Operation Coldplay.” But like this master’s thesis, sooner or later, the turkeys will come home to roost.
Peter Galuszka

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22 responses to “McDonnell Has More to Answer for More Than His Master’s Thesis”

  1. ooooohhhh when I started reading this .. I KNEW it was not penned by Mr. Bacon.

    Ouch Ouch Ouch!

    I'm quite sure there will be righteous indignation from the right claiming that WaPa purposely set out to sabotage his campaign in NoVa which he will need to carry Va.

    Will this be McDonnells Macaca moment?

  2. one more point – why do the Republicans continue to not VETT their candidates for major office?

    do they really think that they can run folks with major skeletons in their closets and have it go undetected in this day and age?

    I have to seriously question what the Republican party is all about if they willingly run candidates with stuff like this in their previous writings.

  3. At least he has good taste in indie rock bands

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Larry G:

    "one more point – why do the Republicans continue to not VETT their candidates for major office?

    "do they really think that they can run folks with major skeletons in their closets and have it go undetected in this day and age?

    "I have to seriously question what the Republican party is all about if they willingly run candidates with stuff like this in their previous writings."

    May be your best post ever!

    There may be some good folks in what Dr. Risse calls the Elephant Clan but how can they believe the voters are so dumb as to vote for a Neanderthal who dyes his hair?

    I know a lady who has voted for canidates in both parties and was completely disinterested in the governors race. Now she is focused and wants to know where to donate for anyone who is running aganist this turkey.

  5. "It will be run with the Town of Farmville under a contract with ICE……."

    I'd like to see the business model for such an operation. Where is the profit in running a prison?

    Does the state get to charge a consulting fee for showing them how it's done?

    Wait, I got it…inmates will probably have to buy an insurance policy prior to entering in order to receive health care "benefits".

    As for Mcdonnell….why didn't the Donkey Clan dig this up four years ago????

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    This is all Bull Shit. Just like the last election, one candidate (Deeds) is talking social issues, when the real issues are economic ones — jobs, jobs, jobs. Except last time, it was the Republican mired in foolishness.

    Fred Hiatt from the Post is a pervert. He gets off, not on porn, but on the idea that Virginians must continually pay higher and higher taxes. Hiatt will go to bed with any special interest — read real estate developers — that agrees with Hiatt's perversion.

    So this year, the anti-tax increase guy and pro-jobs guy is ahead in the polls. So Freddie the Pervert assembles the reporters to recreate macaca. Don't tell me that there is separation between the editorial and reporting staffs at the Post. I've been told by a reporter that whenever his story drafts strayed from the editorial positions, pressure from the "Third Floor" was placed on him.

    Both McAuliffe and McDonnell have it right — the issue is jobs, jobs, jobs.

    We can only hope that Hiatt's perversion includes some form of holding his breath! Maybe he hold it too long.

    Job, jobs, jobs.


  7. well now.. there's blood in the water.. McDonnell better pray that there are not going to be more shoes dropping..

    NoVa has a lot of women and non-traditional families..

    I think McDonnell might be able to save himself but he's going to have to go some to do it..

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Sorry, I'm not going to cry for a dead child molester.

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    So how exactly is McDonnell responsible for what happens in a single jail?

  10. J. Tyler Ballance Avatar
    J. Tyler Ballance

    "…how exactly is McDonnell responsible for what happens in a single jail?"

    The answer is that, as Attorney General, Mr. McDonnell has a great deal of influence on how much, or how little, the civil rights of our citizens are respected by government and law enforcement.

    During the Bush regime, Mr. McDonnell supported federal power grabs and never lifted a finger to stand-up for fair treatment of our citizens.

    Don't forget, just because someone is arrested, that does not mean they are guilty of anything, and even if the person turns out to be guilty, everyone who is in custody must, by law and as a matter of our core ethics, be humanely treated.

    What many of our citizens do not realize, is that under Bush, any of you could have been locked away without charges. All that would be required would be for a government bureaucrat to deem you to be a possible terrorist and that would be it.

    Bob McDonnell could have stood-up for our citizens' civil liberties, but he never has before and he never will.

  11. Tobias Jodter Avatar
    Tobias Jodter

    It's a little disappointing to see such unnecessary and blatant political partisanship being posted on this blog. Do you all realize that a lot of so-called Elephant Clan supporters visit this site. If I wanted to read this kind of stuff I’d head for Democrat Underground.

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    "Sorry, I'm not going to cry for a dead child molester."

    Me either, but that doesn't mean that when we take authority over someones life we don't take responsibility for it as well.

    If you get sentenced to incarceration the sentence doesn't include getting butt raped. The prisoner in question had the right to live out his sentence – even if that was for life.


  13. Anonymous Avatar

    "unnecessary and blatant political partisanship "

    Is there any other kind?

    Or would you prefer that we have only the necessary and furtive kind of political partisanship?


  14. Anonymous Avatar

    "jobs josbs jobs"

    Why do we want people to have jobs?

    So they can earn more and consume more and PAY MORE TAXES.

    How is a plea for more jobs fundamentally any different than a plea for more taxes?

    It's because we don't want to be the ones "paying" for somone else's unemployment. OK, so we've got 10% unemployment. That's not a problem, in my book. The problem is that the same 10% are unempoyed 100% of the time.

    I've had job since I was eleven years old. What I'd like to know is where is MY 10%?


  15. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    Well gee, if you want a GOP pep rally, you know where to go. Whoever said that this blog was supposed to be just that? Maybe it's in your head.
    Peter Galuszka

  16. Anonymous Avatar

    Jobs, jobs, jobs.

    I know quite a few people here in Fairfax County who are either not working or working a lot less than they were a couple of years ago.

    Both Terry McAuliffe and Bob McDonnell have it right — jobs is the issue.


  17. Do we think McDonnell is focused on jobs?

    sorry if some folks come here looking for self-serving Republican sympathy.

    If the truth hurts then learn from it… which I realize is asking for a whole lot from the far right folks…

    at any rate.. I am not comfortable with McDonnell for all the reasons given plus the fact that this thesis sort of goes to a suspicion on my part that he hails from the social right… and I consider them to be the scourge of the earth that we do not want in Virginia politics at all…

    we need folks that are going to dispassionately focus on the issues and the priorities and to keep their social views in their back pocket…

    I don't mind people having strong personal beliefs .. I respect them for their personal values.. but you cannot govern from that perspective…

    we do not want nor need more folks who want to "rule". We know that, that almost always ends badly….

    I want someone who is going to be a strong leader when dealing with the GA Pachyderms on Budget issues and priorities not get tangled up in social issues.

    It's up to McDonnell. He has a major window to espouse his vision for Virginia and the audience is NoVa.

    Let's hear him out… but if he flinches on the issues that are important to NoVa then boot his sorry butt out…

    let's see.. do I need to explain my views any further?


  18. Anonymous Avatar

    Larry is right about McD and jobs.

    Show us one place McD knows any more about jobs that he does transportation.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    Larry is right about McD and jobs.

    Show us one place McD knows any more about jobs that he does transportation.

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    To second ANON 12:55 (BOTH TIMES)

    McD knows "jobs" are important because his handlers told him but does not have a clue how to create Jobs or Balance or prosperity other than the ideas that have been proven — most recently by W. — not to work.

  21. re: creating jobs (in NoVa)

    I have to play Devil's Advocate here…

    of all the places in the US concerned about jobs..isn't this a bit of a ridiculous concept in NoVa?

    RoVa – yes… but for the good folks of NoVa – the ones that McD needs substantial numbers to win the election..

    is it jobs they want to hear his vision of?

    just asking…

    are jobs the most important issue in NoVa?

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    Whats horrifying is that he GOT a masters with that thesis.


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