Make a Wise Choice

Virginia is apparently going to be build a data center in Richmond, a back-up data center, and a help desk/call center as a follow-on to the creation of VITA, the Virginia Information Technology Agency.

The Bristol Herald Courier editorial page is urging that the back-up center be built in Wise County to take advantage of UVA-Wise. SCHEV, of course, told the General Assembly that UVA-Wise didn’t generate any economic development, so a new university in Southside wouldn’t, either.

The Courier said Wise should get the center over Danville because there’s no Southside university. No other candidate locations were identified.

I believe that any new state-wide service facilities should be located in either Southside or Southwest. If we can tie up all state procurement officials and all vendors in a quest to help under-represented small, minority, and woman-owned businesses, we should commit all new state facility spending in a quest to help our economically disadvantaged regions.

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  1. Barnie Day Avatar

    I like it, Will. Can we call it the ‘Robert Byrd Model Of Pork Barrel Spending’?

  2. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Let’s name it after one of our profligate Republican Delegates!

    Barnie, have you ever been to the National Conservation and Training Center near Shepherdstown, WVA? That’s the only Byrd pork project I have ever visited. It is magnificent pork, truly a monument to the art.

  3. Barnie Day Avatar

    He’ll have the Washington Monument in West Virginia, if he can just figure out how to haul it.

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