Laughing in the Face of the Fiscal Cliff

Jim Bacon chats with Scott Lee about the “fiscal cliff” on Bearingdrift’s Score Radio Network.

Cheer up, things could always be worse.  Iran could get nuclear weapons. Space aliens could invade California. Madonna could announce another world tour. But that’s about it. I can’t think of anything else that would exceed the fiscal cliff for calamity and woe. But if there are any yucks to be milked from this impending disaster, Scott and I probably found them.


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11 responses to “Laughing in the Face of the Fiscal Cliff”

  1. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    I tried to listen to this but for 90 seconds, all I heard was a recording of Ronald Reagan over and over again. I thought I was losing my mind so I clicked off. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. If you’d hung on for another 15 or 30 seconds, you would have gotten into the show!

      1. no… you would have gotten into yet another shallow symbolic but meaningless sound bite that the GOP prefers over substantiative discussion and proposals these days.

        they have become the party of Ronald Reagan Mythology and HELL NO we won’t fix govt because govt is the problem.

        It’s time for them as a party to ride off into the sunset as they have become the Blazing Saddles of the political world.

  2. here’s another good one about Reagan:

    Taxes: What people forget about Reagan

  3. The problem with the GOP is that they’ve spent four years blathering about a spending problem – after they spent 6 years blowing up the budget and they simply refuse to name the cuts and revenues they would advocate to fix the budget.

    think about the depth of this failure.

    they want Obama – someone who has already put specifics on the table – to abandon his own plan and articulate the GOP Plan so they won’t have to.

    Feckless hypocrisy is the least of the words to use for a party that has spent 4 years saying we have a “spending problem not a revenue problem”.

    these are the folks who presumed to lead the country back to fiscal responsibility.

    It’s unbelievable to me that the GOP is this dysfunctional and impotent on their core principles of fiscal conservatism.

    Every since they went on a spending spree under Bush but refused to pay for the spending, they have morphed into a part of “deniers” of the realities that we face.

    Anyone who had any semblance of being an adult in the GOP has been booted and the lunatics are now in charge of the party.

    Ronald Reagan was in his heart and soul a believer of small govt and low taxes but as important, he was pragmatic about the absolute responsibility to balance the budget or at least keep it from spinning out of control.

    This crop of Republicans seems to live in LA LA Land where they adopt the first half of Reagan’s principles but would label him as a RINO on the second half of his principles.

    they talk-the-talk and then refuse to walk-the-walk

  4. DJRippert Avatar

    The Republicans may have finally found a winning political thought. Democrats are increasingly declaring their willingness to “go off the fiscal cliff”…..

    Apparently, the mandatory spending cuts are suddenly acceptable.

    However, if Jim is right then falling off the fiscal cliff will push the US back into recession.

    Even if one assumes that the US would be better off in the long run after falling off the fiscal cliff, we will not be better off in the short to mid term. So, the 2014 congressional elections loom large.

    Do the Republicans have a plan?

    1. Pretend to be the only party willing to negotiate on the fiscal cliff.
    2. Paint Obama, et al as being happy to fall off the fiscal cliff.
    3. Highlight Democratic theories like the one espoused in Blue Virginia.
    4. See the US fall back into recession.
    5. Clean up in the 2014 Congressional elections.
    6. Refuse to fund Obamacare, etc from Congress.

    I believe that ardent Democrats are very over-confident with regard to their “New Majority”. I’ve seen it before. Republicans were never going to give up the White House after the Reagan Revolution. Democrats owned the world after Clinton.

    Things change quickly in American politics. The Republicans may have the start of a plan with regard to the fiscal cliff …. act irate but let it happen. And the Democrats seem to be willing to go down that very dangerous path.

    Note: This has been a comment about politics, not what’s best for the country. Neither party gives a rat’s ass about what’s best for the country.

    1. reed fawell III Avatar
      reed fawell III

      I agree with Dandy Don

    2. Actually what the Dems seem confident of is that the GOP has turned into suicide bombers…

      the GOP has spent 4 years blather about a spending problem

      and now when they get the golden opportunity to strut their stuff, they whine about Obama – AGAIN!

      what is with these fools?

      Can they not make their own Prima Facie case for cuts and a balanced budget to the American people regardless of Obama ?

      what planet does the GOP live on these days?

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