It all goes back to the tax vote in 2004 …

Phew! Yesterday, the Blue Dog covered two Jerry Kilgore events and interviewed a number of GOP elected officials along with a new House of Delegate GOP candidate, Matt Lohr. I also had lunch with a Republican House of Delegate member who talked about his choice for VA’s next Governor, Jerry Kilgore.

Q. Guess what I’m going to write about for the next month?
A. Republicans, Republicans, Republicans.

Mr. Kilgore and his staff were well organized with good crowds in Staunton and Harrisonburg for the campaign kickoff. Nice media handouts as well with Tim Murtaugh and others following up. The major players were out in force — Landes, Saxman, Cline and Obenshain, while 24th District Senator Hanger was AWOL from both events.

Two key ‘fiscally conservative’ points with the Kilgore speech:
1. Updated Taxpayer Bill of Rights; that would give citizens the opportunity to vote on any increase in state sales, gas or income tax.
2. Another Watchdog Commission (remember the Wilder Commission?); a bipartisan commission to identify burdensome and wasteful regulations for elimination and reform (hmm … I told candidate Kilgore that a Blue Dog on a bipartisan Watch-DOG Commission would be a perfect fit).

But it’s nice to see BOTH candidates, Kilgore and Kaine, talking the anti-tax talk with property tax relief, but as Governor, are these politicians willing to walk the anti-tax walk?

The Commonwealth has already been there, done that with Gov. Mark “I will not raise taxes” Warner.

With a wink and a smile, ‘Pub candidate Jerry Kilgore said he reads the Blue Dog Tales on a regular basis, while last year, Dem Tim Kaine said, “Oh that Blue Dog column. I don’t agree with your tax stands.”

Hmm … maybe, I should ‘Barney-it-down’ quite a bit with the anti-tax rhetoric.

There’s more retribution from the red storm that’s rising in the valley:

Because a Valley ‘Pub told me he was witness to some fireworks at the Clarke County GOP committee meeting last week. Chris Oprison gave a fiery speech denouncing Joe May (who was in attendance) in from of a strong May crowd.

… He called May’s record “abhorrent,” and said he “says one thing and does another.”

“You could hear a pin drop. Very tense. After the meeting, May and Oprison had a face to face talk. Don’t know what words were passed but it was quite a show.”

I say, like a heavy metal rock n roll show …

If you think it’s over, better think again
There’ll be no compromise
Time to hit the power, feel adrenaline
Move into overdrive

Here comes the revolution
Time for retribution

Revolution by Judas Priest

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  1. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    If Kilgore and Kaine want to make good on their rhetoric of fiscal conservatism, maybe they could start by completing the implementation of the Wilder Commission recommendations. Why do we need ANOTHER stinkin’ commission? The last one issued great recommendations. What we need is the political will to implement the changes, and the discipline to follow up, follow up, follow up…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Yay, love it when the Blue Dog talks about Republicans. Seems like more and more he sounds more like a true Republican than half the bozos running around calling themselves one (Potts, anyone??). Anyways, I personally think it is a great topic.

    I do have to agree with Jim on this though– I’m all for the fiscal conservativism, and I’m thrilled Kilgore is stumping on the issue… but as Jim says, another commission!? Between the Wilder Commission (many of whose recommendations are still left to be implemented) and the work of legislators like those in the Cost Cutting Caucus, who are likewise striving (in a bipartisan manner, I’ve heard) to bring reform and efficiency to Virginia government, the ideas are there, now we just have to see them through. That doesn’t mean more studies and commissions, it means a leader who will work with the legislature (and by this I namely mean the less-than-fiscally-conservative Senate) and get the job done. Less talk, more action!

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Here’s what I’d like to hear:

    “If elected, I will appoint a Chief of Staff, cabinet secretaries, and agency directors who share my passion for efficiency and cost cutting. Every state agency website will have a page where cost savings and efficiency initiatives are listed for public inspection, as well as justification for any budget increases that exceed the rate of inflation.”

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I’d like to hear the blue dog join another party.

  5. Virginia Centrist Avatar
    Virginia Centrist

    Ohhh cost cutting. I remember some cost cutting over the past few years. How about when the state made it’s health insurance plan a PILE OF DUNG. $36 for a bottle of pills. Doctors visits not always covered.

    Maybe they can continue to screw state workers over. That should save some money.

  6. I’m still a Dem for now. But the ‘Pubs are courting me, while many statewide committee Dems have deemed me as an untouchable.

    So far, I’ve met with four House of Delegate members and two state Senators who have issued invitations to join the VA Republican Party. It’s hard to say no to a friendly smile and those free lunches.

    But in the end, I’ll do the right thing — for the Blue Dog.

    Back to the issue at hand: Implementation of the Wilder Commission’s recommendations can be dove tailed on a Kilgore Watchdog Commission. That’s an easy transfer.

    It would be nice — If Democrat Tim Kaine would talk a little about government reform as a candidate and less about his religious and family values.

    Fitch and Potts need to address the issue as well.

  7. victoria Avatar

    VA Centrist, you continue to feel the state is out to get state employees… as has been pointed out elsewhere, cost cutting and making government more efficient isn’t about “screwing over state workers.” In fact if anything it frees up money so that we can better take care of our state employees.

    I can’t blame you for not being aware of all the real accomplishments in this area over the last few years– the press has never proven too keen on focusing on savings, when it is much easier for them to just promote raising taxes (of course on everyone else, NOT them…). There are numerous areas where cost savings in government can be found. Over the past few years, cost savings have been implemented in many areas of state government, streamlining and increasing public-private partnerships under the PPTA and the PPEA. Also,better management of the state’s IT systems is another area where increased efficiency saves money.

    Anyways, before you go bashing the concept of cost cutting you might want to consider all of the positive things being done in this area. Sure it isn’t always front page news, but a lot is being done in this area that will positively benefit Virginians. State employees should be pushing for these types of reforms, especially when they are pushing for raises.

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