Institutional Racism in Virginia

Lawyers for a black high school student who was rejected by a college journalism program filed a racial discrimination lawsuit Tuesday in federal court. The U.S. District Court lawsuit was filed on behalf of Emily Smith, 15, who said she was accepted last spring to the Suburban Journalism Workshop at the University of Richmond. One week later, she was rejected after program sponsors learned she was black, according to her class-action lawsuit.

Simply amazing. To think that racial discrimination persists in this day and age — perpetuated by an institution of higher education, no less! It’s disgraceful. We need to tear down the walls that separate–

Oh, wait. I didn’t get it quite right. Turns out it was a white student charging discrimination. It was an urban workshop, not a suburban one. And it was VCU, not the University of Richmond.

Well, that’s different. In that case, discrimination is OK. You see, discrimination is not the issue. It’s all about who’s doing the discriminating and who’s being discriminated against. It’s all about power, baby, all about power.

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  1. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    I assume there’s no word on whether any of the individuals involved referred to the student with the “H” word.

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