The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

If you ever wondered why local governments always run out of money and keep on raising property taxes, the story that ran today in the Washington Times says it all!

Local governments are asking Gov. Warner to amend a bill approved by both Houses of the General Assembly with veto-proof majorities, to exempt them from having to comply with the requirements of this bill.

And what is does this bill mandate that our local governments find so offensive? It forbids government agencies from providing Medicaid and welfare benefits to illegal aliens over 19 years of age. What a novel idea, eh?

But our local governments are up in arms over this bill. Such a draconian bill could put an end to the out-of-control spending of local jurisdictions. How can they continue justifying huge social welfare staffs if they have to cut back to providing such services to illegal aliens? After all, they just don’t have the manpower to screen anyone that comes in through their doors and asks for benefits we’re told—yet they have the manpower to provide all these benefits in the first place.

Do you get the idea that the inmates are running the asylum?

Silly me, I had this ill-conceived notion that such benefits were reserved for the truly needy and were restricted to legal residents only. Now that Gerry Connolly and the other local jurisdictions have explained it to me, I have a much clearer vision of exactly how our tax dollars are being squandered by the likes of Gerry Connolly and out-of-control Boards of Supervisors.

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(comments below)


  1. Addison Avatar

    Amazingly, Connolly is calling this an “unfunded mandate”.

    Words truly have no meaning.

  2. I wonder how many sick people this law will kill?

    Oh well. As long as people score some election year points, seems completely fine to me.

  3. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Well, well, well! Gov. Warner signed the bill into law (see The Washington Times: “Warner signs measure denying public benefits to illegal aliens”). I guess the local Democrat Commissars must be feeling totally dejected and abandoned today.

    What’s your take on all of this Barnie? Is Warner already running for national office?

    Sounds to me like for the next couple of years we’re going to be subjected to the spectacle of liberal Democrats morphing into middle-of-the-road moderates. Like the old saying goes, however, there are two things you find in the middle of the road: Moderates and dead skunks…

  4. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Hey Paul! Haven’t you heard? The courts have told us that it’s perfectly legal to kill sick people, particularly if they’re too sick to feed themselves.

    Now that we learned that starvation and dehydration is a humane and beautiful way to legally kill someone, I can’t wait until we start using this method for executing death-row inmates.

    I’m sure the ACLU will advocate next that starving condemned prisoners to death is the humane way to carry out their death sentence. And undoubtedly, our friend George Felos will take up this cause as his next pro bono case.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I was raised to believe that if you kill something, you are obligated to eat it.

  6. Anonymous – that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I literally fell out of my chair.

    Phil – vegetables are different from immigrants! Although I’m sure there are some immigrant vegetables…sort of like some rectangles are squares and others aren’t.

    I dunno – I’m conflicted on this bill. But it is worth pointing out the REAL consequences of these things.

    If we’re faced with a pair of bad choices:

    1. Give subsidies to law breakers
    2. Let them die of diseases

    I’d probably be inclined to take #1.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Thanks, but you can see that if we adopted this philosophy we could eliminate a lot of unfortunate behaviors without getting wrapped up in other moral/ethical issues.

    If letting them die of diseases obligates me to eat them, then I’d probably choose #1 as well.

    Some politician would probably make a federal case out the idea that letting them die is not the same as killing them, or, it’s OK to let them suffer as long as we don’t let them die.

    I have tried for three years to get one alien a temporary work permit. Maybe if there was a way to obey the law, there wouldn’t be so many illegals.

    Good Grief

    Ray Hyde
    Delaplane VA

  8. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Paul: By reducing sick people to vegetables, that de-personifies the issue and makes it morally easy to say that it’s OK to pull the plug. On the contrary, a lot of medical authorities have argued that she wasn’t a vegetable.

    With the help of a colluding main-stream press, most people have been left with the impression that sustaining someone through a feeding tube is synonymous to them being on a ventilator.

  9. Jonathan Lyle Avatar
    Jonathan Lyle

    My apologies up-front — time constraints haven’t allowed me to read all of the comments from the previous week, but it is this side of “amazing” that anyone could make a case for providing services to illegal (aka “undocumented”) aliens here in the US.

    I have traveled internationally a fair amount over the past 15 years — business and pleasure — and I am not aware of any country that would have extended societal benefits to me just because I happened to be in-country (allbeit legally…). I can only imagine what the consequences would have been if I’d been in some countries illegally and attempted to get health care, a driver’s license, discounted public transportation, tuition assistance or similar benefits. (The word “gulag” comes to mind…)

    I can’t get my head around the idea that one should ignore a fundamental violation of the law in order to provide services via the largess of the legal population. Fascinating.

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