Hillary, Larry and Mark

In today’s Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen is critical of Sen. Hillary Clinton and her position on flag burning. He offers this Virginia gem:

The ubiquitous Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia quotemeister — need a quote/do not tarry/call U-Va. and ask for Larry — opines that Clinton is readying herself for a presidential run by adjusting her tint, toning down the blue and heightening the red. He fancies that Virginia Gov. Mark Warner’s incipient presidential campaign is already pushing Clinton to the center. A New York Times editorial reached a similar conclusion. It suggested that she was “pandering” to the 70 percent of Americans who think outlawing flag burning is a dandy idea.

If Gov. Warner is influencing Sen. Clinton, he is a more credible candidate than even I thought. But did Cohen have to lampoon Professor Sabato?

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4 responses to “Hillary, Larry and Mark”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

  2. Madisonian Avatar

    It makes you wonder if such a known quantity as Hillary Clinton can really “re-position” herself towards the center. Given her open involvement in her husband’s presidency (health care, etc.), wouldn’t she be better off shoring up support in her own party?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Shoring up support in her own party? Hello. Warner and the other wannabees aren’t running for president — they are running for veep. The only issue troubling the D’s is the question of running a female for the top job. And one adjective that absolutely nobody has a problem attaching to Sen. Clinton is the one that counts for a female candidate — tough. (Think Golda, think Maggie Thatcher, think Jeanne Kirkpatrick.)

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    How could you ever go so ridiculously wrong as an American as to think that flag burning should be outlawed? It’s one thing to be disgusted with someone’s behavior and disrespect for a national symbol. But to pass a law against it? Our country is FOUNDED on the idea that the state serves the citizens and not the other way around.

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