Deja Taylor Had One Job: Stay Clean and Sober

by Kerry Dougherty

Good grief, lady. You had ONE job.

Just one.

Your assignment was to stay clean and sober for four months, but apparently Deja Taylor – the mother of the 6-year-old Newport News first grader who shot his teacher with his mother’s gun – couldn’t do that.

After pleading guilty in June to charges that she lied about being an illegal drug user on federal firearm forms and for unlawful use of a controlled substance while possessing a gun, Taylor tested positive for pot in July. Wait. There’s more. On August 26, according to WAVY-TV 10, she had cocaine and marijuana in her system. Both drug tests are awaiting confirmation.

Taylor also failed to take part in substance abuse treatment that was mandated by the court and she didn’t show up for scheduled drug tests, according to court documents.

Exasperated prosecutors asked the judge to revoke Taylor’s bond, which should have kept her out of prison until her sentencing in October.

“These violations are serious in nature,” the court document states. “Had these violations been supervised release violations after a conviction, (U.S. code) would require the Court to revoke the defendant’s supervision and impose a term of imprisonment for possessing a controlled substance and refusing to comply with drug testing.

Geez. And just as some of us were feeling a little sorry for her.

Let me explain. The federal gun charges that Taylor pleaded guilty to are exactly the same ones that the spoiled crackhead son of Joe Biden is facing. In Hunter’s case, federal prosecutors attempted to toss him into a “diversion” program where he could escape without a criminal record. Sort of like what they might do for a teenager so a kid’s life wouldn’t be ruined with a felony conviction.

Except Biden isn’t a teenager. He’s 53. Oh, and his rabidly anti-gun father helped craft the law he violated.

One of the ironies of this affair is the origin of the hand gun permitting protocol Hunter Biden admits to violating, reports The Hill. It was part of a wave of crime prevention legislation championed by his father as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee 30 years ago.

First proposed in Congress in 1987, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was enacted on Nov. 30, 1993 as an amendment to the original federal Gun Control Act of 1968 . One of the key Senate sponsors was Judiciary Chair Joe Biden, seen in that era as a tough-on-crime moderate Democrat.

By contrast, the poor, black 26-year-old single Virginia mom was facing a likely sentence of 18 months in a federal prison when she was due back in court next month.

These two cases serve as a textbook example of America’s two-tiered system of justice.

Unfortunately, it appears that Taylor queered the terms of her release and perhaps jeopardized her shot at leniency from the court with her continued abuse of illegal drugs.

Hunter Biden, too, is subject to random drugs testing by authorities. There are no reports of any drug tests on the president’s son, however, who has been in and out of rehab in the past.

Taylor’s attorney issued the following statement:

Like so many Americans, my client Ms. Deja Taylor has serious substance abuse issues that are exacerbated by mental health issues. We would ask for compassion and understanding at this critical time in her life. As always, we hope for a continued speedy recovery for Ms. Abigail Zwerner.

Abby Zwerner’s recovery from a gunshot wound to her hand and chest has been anything but speedy. Recent reports indicated she has undergone multiple surgeries and was struggling to regain the use of her injured hand.

On top of that, the first grade teacher is battling a school district that is unwilling to justly compensate her for what happened at the hands of a kid with a history of extreme violence. Instead, Newport News factotums are hiding behind Virginia’s workers’ compensation rules.

Zwerner has sued the schools for $40 million dollars.

I hope she gets every penny.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.