Dangerous Wild Primates on the Prowl

Headline from the Pilot Online: “Group urges McDonnell to crack down on dangerous animals”

No, no one is urging the governor to rein in the General Assembly.

In the wake of the big-game scare in Ohio earlier this week, the Humane Society of the United States wants Gov. Bob McDonnell to toughen the sale and possession of dangerous wild animals within the state.

Virginia has virtually no restrictions on the possession of primates, warns Debbie Leahy, a captive wildlife regulatory specialist.

Does that include humans? Just asking.


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3 responses to “Dangerous Wild Primates on the Prowl”

  1. isn’t it delicious to see the anti-regulatory types squirm on this?


  2. The monkey reminds me of Fred Hiatt, the WaPo’s idiot editor. Watch Freddy endorse Senator George Barker for reelection, while it opposed Delegate Barbara Comstock, even though both are running TV ads touting the fact that Virginia didn’t raise taxes.

  3. remember… regulation is B-A-D…. we don’t need no stinkin regulations…the free market knows best…..

    all these animal auctions are “job creating” and regulations are “job killing”.

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