Is College Football in Financial Trouble?

Uh, oh, attendance at college footballs games is down, according to Bloomberg. Falling numbers mean ticket revenue is down, and it could affect TV revenue in time. Meanwhile, colleges still have those inflated coach salaries and stadium bonds to pay for. Attendance is holding up better at power conferences like the ACC — good news for Virginia Tech and UVa (see chart) but the crowds aren’t holding up as well in the less prestigious leagues.

Questions: What does attendance look like for Virginia college football teams? Has revenue been affected? Which teams, if any, have big stadium bonds to pay off?


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2 responses to “Is College Football in Financial Trouble?”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    NFL viewership is down also… and it’s starting to sound like “fatigue”.

    I lost interest in football a while ago… it just got too jaded for me… but I get shanghaied into it anyhow during visits on holidays… .. the spitting.. the tattoos, the “dances”, then I hear that some college coach makes 7 million dollars a year and that college is going to lose him to a higher bidder.

    Then I hear all this whining about the cost of higher ed.. then get told that Football pays for itself.. right after I get told that the govt squanders tax money and it is better spent in the hands of sports enthusiasts..!!!

    bah humbug!

  2. ODU might be in trouble.

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