Moonlight over Emerald Isle

Sorry to be out of contact, folks, but I’m chilling at the beach in North Carolina. After two other vacations were aborted, this is the first vacation the Bacon family has had in more than a year! (Curse you, COVID-19!) I’m sure the rest of the Bacon’s Rebellion crew will keep you entertained in my absence. And in case they don’t, I’ll be checking in periodically.


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6 responses to “Chillin’”

  1. You didn’t vacation in Sandbridge?

    You went to North Carolina?


    Just kidding have fun.

    1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

      I’m surprised too. I’d have figured that in keeping with the historical Bacon’s Rebellion traditions, he’d have sought respite in the Dismal, or Chickahominy River, Swamp.

  2. Nancy_Naive Avatar

    Sunblock, and lots of it. Your lack of Mediterranean heritage is a killer in the beach environment.

  3. djrippert Avatar

    Book an offshore charter with Capt Ben out of Beaufort. They’re catching sailfish, wahoo and mahi. Hit Bouge Pier for some flounder action. Fishin’, no chillin’.

    You might even be able to scare up some bluefish from the surf. If you catch an oyster toad just remember they have spines with mild venom.

  4. L Bayard Avatar

    No, no, no. Do not work. Walk barefoot to the beach. Inhale deeply. Wiggle toes in sand. Repeat.

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