Big Changes for Bacon’s Rebellion

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the Editorial Department of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Working on a part-time basis, I will contribute signed op-ed pieces and unsigned editorials to the newspaper. I will focus, as I have for Bacon’s Rebellion, mainly on state and local public-policy issues.

I will continue publishing Bacon’s Rebellion independently. Editorial Page Editor Bob Rayner and I are committed to exploring ways in which the Editorial Department and the blog can work together to create a stronger online editorial presence for both. We envision several avenues of collaboration.

First, the RTD has given me permission to re-publish op-eds I write for the newspaper on Bacon’s Rebellion (although unsigned editorials will remain the newspaper’s exclusive property) after a 24-hour delay.

Second, the RTD will link to Bacon’s Rebellion for expanded versions of the newspaper’s editorials and op-eds with additional commentary, tables, graphs and maps that the newspaper does not have space to print.

Third, we have discussed ways to further expand the RTD’s commitment to civic conversations on a wide range of issues affecting the Richmond region and Virginia as a whole. Recently, the RTD Public Square celebrated its 75th program and we’ll be looking to further promote civil dialogue.

In the meantime, I will continue to post commentary to Bacon’s Rebellion as time permits. Fortunately, the blog has two strong contributors in Steve Haner and Don Rippert, so readers can be confident that the blog will be as timely and incisive as ever.

I am hopeful that the new partnership between newspaper and blog will demonstrate one possible way to reinvigorate local journalism – so essential for our democracy – in the digital era.

— Jim Bacon