Bettinger v. Ryan, Groves and UVa

The Jefferson Council has obtained a file-stamped copy of a lawsuit filed on behalf of Morgan Bettinger against University of Virginia President Jim Ryan, former Dean of Students Allen Groves, and the University of Virginia.

The allegations must be demonstrated in court. If proven true, they paint an unflattering picture of civil rights (for anyone of any race or color) at UVa. They certainly recount a horrifying tale of the abandonment and betrayal of Ms. Bettinger by the people whose very job was to protect her.

We will let the complaint speak for itself. Readers can draw their own conclusions. — JAB

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2 responses to “Bettinger v. Ryan, Groves and UVa”

  1. Find an easy chair and pour yourself a drink before reading this Complaint.

  2. LesGabriel Avatar

    I hope she wins the case and that any penalties are paid by the individuals at fault.

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