Ed Gillespie: a Leader with Imaginative Ideas and Meaningful Solutions

William J. Howell

by William J. Howell

The June 13th Virginia Primary is quickly approaching and it is time to choose a Republican who can offer the kind of responsible, conservative solutions our Commonwealth needs and deserves.

Fortunately, we have a candidate in Ed Gillespie who is wholly committed to ideas and policies based on principles of limited, effective government. He will lead Virginia with humility and fortitude, and will work closely with the Republican-led General Assembly to govern.

I have known Ed and Cathy Gillespie for a more than a decade, and I have always been impressed. He was an aide to House Majority Leader Dick Armey, the primary author of the Contract with America, and served as a state and national party leader. He is well versed in policy details and is an authentic and genuine communicator.

But what impresses me the most today is his laser-like focus on policy. Never have I seen a candidate so focused on substantive issues and real solutions. To date, Ed has released four policy plans, including a plan to provide meaningful tax relief in a responsible way, a 15-point ethics plan to increase confidence in government, a real reform plan to make state government work better, and a path toward regulatory relief that will tear down barriers to entry for job creators. His imaginative ideas and pragmatic approach to government is what Virginia needs to get back on track.

Our economy struggled during the McAuliffe-Northam Administration. Our growth rate was stagnant at two percent or below for five straight years and Virginians from every walk of life took hits. We need a governor who will work with our General Assembly and act in a collaborative manner to enact change. Ed will do that, as is evident from the support he enjoys from over two-thirds of the Republican members of the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia.

As I think back on my time as Speaker of the House of Delegates, I am reminded of the countless conversations I’ve enjoyed with hard-working Virginians about our great Commonwealth. There were good times and bad but through it all, the honor I felt in being given the opportunity to serve never diminished.

I also had the opportunity to watch and work with many gubernatorial candidates – some went on to be successful at the polls and at the Capitol, others saw different results. Few have impressed me in the way Ed Gillespie has in his run for governor this year. Ed is a man of character and ideas.

As we come upon the time of year in Virginia where it is time to make a choice about our candidates for governor, I encourage you to join me in voting for the man I am confident will lead with focus and in the same tradition of our most effective governors.

Ed often says he isn’t running to be something rather he is running to do something. He’s earned my vote and my confidence.

William J. Howell, R-Stafford, is Speaker of the House.

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8 responses to “Ed Gillespie: a Leader with Imaginative Ideas and Meaningful Solutions”

  1. Bryce Reed.

    Del. Howell has never impressed me because I didn’t see where he was responsive to us regular folks.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      Bryce Reeves? I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet but did Bryce Reeves really criticize his opponent for support a gay man as a judge? How does somebody’s sexual orientation affect their ability to be a judge?


  2. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    I have long been impressed with Ed Gillespie, his intellect, his grasp of the issues, and articulate expression of those issues and policy alternatives, and his character generally. He strikes me as far above his peers in most all respects.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      Gillespie is smart hut he’s pretty slippery too. He wants to cut the Virginia income tax by 10% and eliminate the BPOL tax. Fine. But his calculation of a $1,300 per year average benefit for Virginia families is over-stated. When asked he references some complex linear regression model he claims to be using. For his math to be right the average Virginia family would have to make $214,000 per year which (quite clearly) is absurd. I’d also like to hear more about what he intends to cut when the state and localities take in less money after the cuts. He still may be the best candidate but he needs to tone down the Washington magical promises stuff.

      1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

        I’m not sure about the income tax cut, but if Gillespie and the General Assembly can find a way to eliminate the BPOL tax, I’m all for it. First, it’s a tax on gross revenues, rather than income. That is neither fair nor economically sound. Second, local government corruption permeates the BPOL tax. Not every business is taxed alike, at least not in Fairfax County. http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dta/business_bpolrate.htm

        Note the especially low rate paid by “Builder and Developers” – $0.04 per hundred versus the $0.31 per hundred paid by “Professional Occupations, Consultants and Specialized Occupations, Real Estate Brokers and Research & Development Business,” unless the latter are “Certain federally-funded Research & Development prime contracts are eligible for the $0.03 per $100 rate upon DTA approval.”

        Does anyone think lobbying and campaign contributions didn’t affect Fairfax County’s ordinance? Keep in mind that this is the same county where former BoS chairman Gerry Connolly told the public that the Supervisors lack any authority to reject a zoning application and who voted to add a multi-million dollar Silver Line station in front of his then employer SAIC.

        A business revenue tax should be on net income and be the same for all businesses. Thank God for the Dillon Rule to limit local government corruption.

        1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

          Loudoun County charges builders and developers $0.13 per hundred. Hanover County $0.10 per hundred. Chesterfield $0.14 per hundred. Henrico $0.15 per hundred and Richmond $0.19 per hundred.

          As I asked “Does anyone think lobbying and campaign contributions didn’t affect Fairfax County’s ordinance?”

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: ” some complex linear regression model “.. otherwise known as the Laffer Curve.. more Voodoo Economics in Sheeps’ Clothing.

    Why do people fall for this lunacy?

    $1300 per person cut from the State Budget?

    Let me quess .. Stephen Moore and Andrew Laffer are his economic advisers.. right?

    re: BPOL.. I’m fine with cutting it… as long as you have a plan for cutting the spending it funds in the budget… better than that.. I wonder how many people even have a clue how much it represents in the local budget.. is it a penny or two or five on the tax rate?

    Here’s what we ought to require on these tax “cuts”.. whoever proposes one should also be required to show exactly what he would cut in spending…

    do you want to cut – schools or pubic safety.. that’s about 70-80% of most local budgets.

  4. Russell Davis Avatar
    Russell Davis

    Sometimes Ed Gillespie imagines and attempts things that are actually criminal.
    Plus VaRP governor primary candidate NoShowEd Gillespie habitually hides for dishonorable reasons.
    The oath of office is an essential consideration that must be given in exchange for being vested with the Va governor’s term of office.
    That oath invokes the Va Constitution’s requirement that the Va governor “faithfully execute the laws”.
    On ‘Amnesty’ and other points Ed Gillespie evidences that the oath he attempts to give is an attempted criminal fraud.

    In contrast Trump campaigner & RPV Gov. Candidate Corey Stewart shows that he has the heart of an oath keeper.

    NoShowEd should continue his habit by publically abandoning his criminal enterprise of running for Va Governor NOW while he can still evidence a lack of criminal intent by reason of his ignorance.

    Our immigration laws which are incorporated into Virginia law by
    “VA§ 1-248. Supremacy of federal and state law.
    The Constitution and laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth shall be supreme. Any ordinance, resolution, bylaw, rule, regulation, or order of any governing body or any corporation, board, or number of persons **shall not be inconsistent** with the Constitution and laws of the United States or of the Commonwealth.”

    Every citizen in every Virginia jurisdiction empaneled in a grand jury has the duty, authority and responsibility
    to raise several criminal indictments against Ed Gillespie.
    This duty does not expire until the duty passes into God’s hands when Ed does.
    This every Va citizen grand jury duty is established by
    “VA§ 19.2-191. Functions of a grand jury.
    The functions of a grand jury are twofold:
    ” . . . ”
    (2) To investigate and report on any condition that involves or tends to promote criminal activity, either in the community or by any governmental authority, agency or official thereof. ” . . .

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