The Wonk Salon, May 25, 2011

Reforming Virginia Health Care
The Virginia Newsletter

Federal health care reform will have a big impact on Virginia by 2014. Here’s what the state is doing to get ready for it.

Reform the Healthcare Payments System
Brookings Institution
It is possible to tame rising healthcare costs without sacrificing quality: Change the payments system from a fee-for-service arrangement to one that rewards positive outcomes and incentivizes patients to seek health plans that offer value.

The Funding of State and Local Pensions

Center for Retirement Research
Funding of state pension plans continued to deteriorate in 2010: The ratio of assets to liabilities fell to 77% and states made only 78% of needed payments. Meanwhile, states are making optimistic assumptions about future investment performance on existing assets.

Asians in Virginia
Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service
As of 2010, Asians constituted 5.5% of Virginia’s populations. Asians are prospering here. Better educated than native-born citizens, they earn considerably more.

U.S. Immigration Courts: An Exercise in Futility
Center for Immigration Studies
Federal immigration courts are a joke. Millions of immigrants never show up for trial. Judges are powerless. Unenforced removal orders now exceed 1.1 million.

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