Warner-Kaine, Kaine-Warner

For those tarot card readers who thought Governor Mark Warner might not be all that enthralled by Tim Kaine’s campaign to succeed him, the Governor’s office has announced that he will join Kaine at kick-off events in Herndon, Norfolk, and Richmond on March 16th.

Someone will probably try to read something into the fact that they won’t be together in Southwest Virginia.

Update: That didn’t take long. Commonwealth Conservative is reading it exactly as predicted. He’s also got news of a poll showing Kilgore leading Kaine by 10 points even as Russ Potts grabs 6%. That’s more than I thought Potts would ever get, so I tip my hat to Barnie Day, driver of the “Briar Patch,” the Potts bandwagon.

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  1. Shoot – posting cut off for a day and I couldn’t get on here to say this:

    The GOP’s “Potts vilification strategy” is a great strategy. Republicans are loyal people. They’re loyal to their their party. So they brand Potts as a traitor – publicly, loudly, and proudly – and Republicans respond – most stick with their man.

    Meanwhile Potts gets high percentages of “Warner Republicans” and independents in the valley and perhaps elsewhere.

    Who are the “Warner Republicans”?They’re the ones that Mark peeled from the GOP in 2001, the uneasy country club moderates who don’t mind gays (too terribly much) and dislike the radical social stuff, the “pro-investment” crowd, the yankees from NOVA who privately gag at the sound of Jerry Kilgore’s voice. Where will they go? You don’t think they were ever going to vote for Kilgore, do you?

    I say they either go to Kaine of Potts. It’s a fight between Kaine and Potts.

    Kaine can only win if he captures the disaffected Republicans who voted for Warner. And now Potts has ahold of them.

  2. It’s funny – Mark Warner, back in 2000 probably sat and schemed with Steve Jarding. The conversation went something like this:

    Mark: “Who can we peel from the Republicans?”
    Steve: “Potts Republicans”.

    Virginians aren’t as dumb as the main stream media thinks they are. They vote by ideology, not party ID. And they can smell out a liberal (Potts) from all the way across the state.

  3. Now for the conspiracy theory (one more and I’m done):

    Potts runs hard against Kilgore for a while. Bashes Kilgore from his self-appointed position as an “Independent Republican”.

    Many independent Republicans across the state listen. They say, “The Republican Party has left me.” Potts builds a small following (say, 6-8%). Potts’ function in the race is the build the case that the Republican Party is out of touch.

    After accomplishing this, when it’s clear that he can’t win, he drops out of the race and endorses Kaine – and brings his “Warner Republicans” along for the ride.

    Maybe too crazy to be true…

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