Readers of EMR’s columns and posts will recall that one of the themes harped on by those who do not try to understand the New Urban Region Conceptual Framework is that it will take forever to Transform human settlement pattern and to achieve Balance, especially in New Urban Region Core Beta Villages and Communities.

EMR cites the Core of Toronto responding to office overbuild and to the square foot value of more Balanced vs. less Balanced components of urban fabric.

Yesterday’s Wapo carries a story: “Wall St. Looking More Like Main St.: Though It Still Draws Tourists, Storied Financial Hub is Increasingly Residential.”

Another favorite tactic of dedicated detractors (12.5 Percenters) is to claim that they cannot understand what EMR says or to intentionally misinterpret his positions. They then invent bogus positions and create strawpersons in an attempt to discredit his work. The comment on the last post re “Hot, Flat and Crowded” is a perfect example. Flail away, you are helping us compete TRILO-G in ways we will document in “Upon Further Review” forthcoming.

By the way in response to several e-mails, Friedman has a number of good observations in his book. We were commenting on the words in the title, and you are right about many of his views on the current state of economic, social and physical reality.


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  1. Here’s the article the artful fan dancer COULD have used as an OPPORTUNITY to further explain how fundamental transformation COULD occur…

    in other words – a good approach and a wrong approach…

    ” Fairfax Rezoning Urged for Job Shift”

    “Fairfax County is considering a proposal that would substantially increase development around Fort Belvoir, saying it is needed to support the Army’s shift of thousands of jobs to the base. But the plan is worrying state officials, who warn that it could set back efforts to keep traffic from paralyzing major commuter routes.

    A task force appointed by the Fairfax Board of Supervisors has recommended that the county rewrite its zoning map to allow for more offices, shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as a modest increase in residential development in the Fort Belvoir and Springfield areas.”


    Now what I also find interesting about this proposal is that the State of Virginia – as in the Dillon Rule State of Virginia has weighed in with their concerns about “balance”.

    Now.. Mr. Fan Dancer (EMR) ..he could use this proposal as a teaching moment … explain to the rest of us.. how.. if he were King.. he would approach the Belvoir challenge…

    He could explain the things that need to be thought about that would help make this a more balanced community.. AND the things that would contribute to more dysfunctionality…

    ah yes.. but nope.. we’re apparently gonna hear more hellfire and damnation about our heathenistic ways…and that soon.. we’re all going to pay for our wanton consumption and ignorance..

    Oh wait.. DANG.. it’s TOO LATE for Belvoir.. just like it is too late for Tysons.. and Toronoto….

    … oops.. here comes the fan again…

  2. Ray Hyde Avatar

    I think it is described as engaging in a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed.


  3. Ray Hyde Avatar

    “Wall St. Looking More Like Main St.: Though It Still Draws Tourists, Storied Financial Hub is Increasingly Residential.”

    And why did they say it was looking more residential? Because financial firms were leaving for more economical spaces, as far away as Nebraska. Office space was being converted to apartments and other uses.

    The result? More balance, which we shold all applaud.


  4. Michael Ryan Avatar
    Michael Ryan

    The most disturbing thing about your posts is the habit of referring to yourself in the third person. It suggests either the use of the “imperial ‘we’”, or a slippery grasp on reality. Not good news for you either way.

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