Virginia: Look West To See What’s Coming

by Kerry Dougherty

Reason #5,692 not to vote for ANY Democrats running for the General Assembly this fall:

We all know that Virginia’s leftists in Richmond yearn for our lovely commonwealth to be more like California. When last they controlled the state legislature these nuts directly tethered our energy policies to that “progressive” utopia.

It won’t stop there, so let’s see what else is on its way from the West Coast.

Looky here! It’s Assembly Bill 665, working its way through the legislature. When this passes — and it’s just wacky enough to win approval — it would essentially emancipate some 12-year-olds, allowing them to seek mental health care without their parents’ approval.

This bill would only apply to kids who are on Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program. But how long before all children would be free to flee homes where they were not having all of their fantasies indulged?

“The authors want to change the law to let a 12-year-old opt out of their home on a whim, invoking parental separation and emancipation of minors without any claim of danger or parental consent,” attorney Nicole Pearson said, testifying against the bill. “This is child emancipation.”

Others say it will be abused by kids who believe they are trans. They’ll use the law to leave home and seek irreversible and dangerous medical interventions without telling their parents.

This would dovetail nicely with another bill — AB957 — that passed both houses of the California legislature in May.

Fox News reports that gem of a law can cause a parent to lose custody of a child if they do not engage in “gender-affirming” care.

…its provisions would alter the California Family Code by making affirming gender identity one of legal standards parents have to meet in order to be recognized as providing for the “health, safety, and welfare” of the child.

If parents embroiled in a custody battle were to deny the child’s gender identity, state courts would have the authority under Section 3011 of California’s Family Code to remove the child from the parent’s home.

Make no mistake. In California there is just one state-approved reaction parents may have when a child announces that they’re trans: they must embrace the new identity.

So if your son wants to sashay out of the house in a dress and lipstick, you’d better smile and toss him a tube of Revlon because he — oops, she! — can report you to the authorities.

In California, officials believe that any parent who would dare to reply: “Don’t be ridiculous, take that frock off. You’re not leaving my house dressed like a girl” is engaging in a form of child abuse. The docs who will give that kid sterilizing drugs or perform amputations of healthy organs, however, are on the side of California’s angels.

Scary, isn’t it?

And similar laws will be coming to Virginia IF voters hand control of the General Assembly to the far left in November, that is.

You’ve been warned.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.