Virginia: A Bike Semi-Friendly State

Virginia has received a 17th-place ranking in the League of American Bicyclists’ 2012 list of bicycle-friendly states, communities, universities and businesses. States and communities are scored on the basis of physical infrastructure, education programs, incentives and promotions, law enforcement and a commitment to plan for the future.

Given the recent emergence of a bicycle movement in Virginia, that’s not half bad. But it represents a disappointing tumble from No. 11 in 2011. We’re moving ahead — but not nearly as quickly as other states, apparently.

Six Virginia communities were recognized. Arlington and Charlottesville won silver ratings, while Alexandria, Harrisonburg, Richmond and Roanoke snagged bronze.

Virginia Commonwealth University scored a silver rating, and George Mason University pulled down a bronze.

Twenty-four businesses were recognized, including platinum winner Alta Planning & Design, a company specializing in creating bikeable and walkable communities, that is headquartered in Portland, Ore., and maintains an office in Arlington.

Hat tip: Champe Burnley


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  1. Allen Muchnick Avatar
    Allen Muchnick

    The “bicycle movement” may be a “recent emergence” in the City of Richmond, but bicycling advocacy has been active and effective for decades in Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, and Blacksburg, as well as at the statewide level.

    Virginia’s above-average state ranking from the League of American Bicyclists–which compares state laws, policies, practices, safety, and funding to other states–has always been inflated, and Virginia has made little progress in recent years. At best, Virginia has always been in the middle of the pack overall.

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