disaster_preparednessReview of Disaster Preparedness Planning in VirginiaJoint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Among the key conclusions:

  • “Virginia generally has strong disaster response plans in place, but the State should ensure that agency supporting plans are in place and corrective actions are addressed to facilitate the plan’s successful execution during a disaster.”
  • “State and local shelter and evacuation plans have deficiencies that could undermine Virginia’s ability to response to catastrophic disasters and compromise the safety of Hampton Roads residents.”

workforce_developmentWorkforce Development in VirginiaThe Commonwealth Institute

“Virginia’s workforce development system provides more than 30 services and training programs. “Since 2003, multiple state reports have highlighted the need for an authority to coordinate the system’s many programs and services, which are spread across multiple secretariats and departments, in order to better meet the needs of workers and employers, enhance accountability and assess which programs are working and which are not. Suggested strategies have included uniting all workforce programs under a new workforce development agency and creating a Deputy Chief of Staff for Workforce Development in the Governor’s office who would have authority over funding and the ability to solve system problems across multiple Secretariats.

“Similarly, a 2010 report by the Governor’s Commission on Economic Development and Job Creation recommended that the governor appoint a senior-level leader to coordinate the entire system. None of these recommendations has been acted on.”

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2 responses to “Two Studies Worth Checking Out…”

  1. Breckinridge Avatar

    House Bill 1009 now pending in the Senate takes a small step toward coordinating the workforce development services outlined in that report, but only a small step. A JLARC study now underway and due next fall may offer more specific suggestions. This Commonwealth Institute survey is just that, a useful survey but it is short on suggestions. All of entrenched special interests keep that system from making progress.

  2. The next time you hear what a mess ObamaCare is with it’s umteen thousand pages, etc, etc, etc..

    think of this…issue

    and then this one:

    Lawmakers want user-friendly Code of Virginia


    or you can just use Waldo Jaquiths – Va Decoded!

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