Tim Kaine: NASCAR Dad

In today’s e-mail blast, the Tim Kaine for Governor campaign is launching a petition drive endorsing a bid to bring the NASCAR Hall of Fame to the Commonwealth. Talk about a two-fer! First benefit: Kaine can position himself as in favor of economic development. He quotes published accounts as saying the hall of fame could pump $100 million a year into Virginia’s economy.

Second benefit: NASCAR is very, very big in Jerry Kilgore’s rural strongholds. Who cares what Jerry says Tim said about his accent? If Time likes NASCAR, he’s got to be all right!

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(comments below)


  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Maybe some will see this as Tim Kaine opportunism. How long has Richmond (Henrico County)been angling for the HOF? How long is this after Gov. Warner’s staged photo-op in support of the bid?

  2. El Equipo Progresivo Avatar
    El Equipo Progresivo

    Here’s an idea:

    Let’s make each candidate write their idea(s) on a piece of paper for each idea and put it(them) into a big gold-fish bowl. (Without water)

    Then we could stir them all around and have someone who is independent (Ross Perot? Jim Bacon?) draw them out and read them one at a time without telling who’s idea was being read.

    Then everyone could vote yes or no on each idea based on merit.

    When all are done the candidate who receives the most votes of support based on his/her ideas could be named the surprise winner!

    This would help put a stop to people being for or against an idea simply because of who proposes it or to which party they belong.

    And look how much money would be saved!

    Of course this is said tongue in cheek but,
    Politics seems increasingly like professional wrestling.

    The opposition’s idea… Baaad!
    Our idea….. Goooood!

  3. Steven Avatar

    Hmm… When is a political gimmick considered a voter bribe?

    Back in the days of Jim Crow, Southern politicians – both Pubs and Dems – distributed beer and whiskey at the ‘Black Precincts’ for their votes.

    Lets fast forward the “race card” and replace it with “race cars”…

    How about a promised Hall of Fame museum for your vote, Mr. NASCAR DAD?

    ~ the puppet master, err … I meant to say, the blue dog

  4. Now that the bluedog has entertained us with his unique style of humor, could you offer something serious and sincere?

  5. Steven Avatar

    Still grasping for straw-dogs, Pat?

    Is this “debunking” of the blue dog satire sincere enough for you to understand:

    Tim ‘the choirboy’ Kaine’s campaign is fading fast in the Virginia sunset. His polling numbers are down to rock bottom and it’s only MAY.

    I’m betting the “race car” card was scheduled for late this fall, and it’s panic time for Kaine’s faith-based campaign staff. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is … so, grasping for straws. And it’s not going to work. It’s a gimmick. It’s high school politics. It’s time to cut apron strings.

    It’s time to send Mo Elleithee back to Governor Mollycoddle’s day camp.

    Next question?

  6. Um, weren’t new poll numbers just released showing great gains by Kaine and loss by Kilgore?
    Also showing that in SW VA the two are actually tied?

    Wild speculation is not the same as debunking. And are you really trying to debunk yourself?

    Sarcasm is not a substitute for satire, especially just plain dumb attempts like yours blue dog.

    You must have had a really sad childhood. Did the other kids pick on you alot?

    Sad, really sad.

    Don’t let me down, give us a really cutting and intelligent ripost like,
    “Patty Cakes”….

    Oh and by the way Steven, high school politics would be a step up for you. ;0)

  7. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    How does promoting NASCAR help educate us to stop racing around the state like madmen unneccessarily? What economic benefit does it PRODUCE?

  8. Isn’t offering people tax cuts the same kind of high school election bribe? “Elect me, and I’ll give you money from the state treasury. I’ll send it directly to your house once a year. You want money? Elect me.”

    What’s the difference? I hardly see one.

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