The Wonk Salon, August 1, 2011

From Plow Horses to Race Horses – the Equine Contribution to Virginia’s Economy
Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

Horse racing and horse shows have spurred the revitalization of Virginia’s equine industry.

Is Policing Racially Biased? No Easy Answer
Rand Corporation
Police agencies are collecting more data than ever on the stops made by their officers. But there is still no definitive way to determine if they engage in racial profiling.

The Most Effective Schools Excel… at Recruiting Good Teachers
National Bureau of Economic Education
Want to improve educational performance at your school? Put into place personnel policies that enable you to recruit the most effective teachers.

Constraints to Increased Biomass Generation
Rand Corporation
Using biomass to generate electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions makes the most sense when used in conjunction with coal-fired power plants. But significant constraints limit biomass’ appeal.

Seven Questions to Ask the People Who Run Your Schools
Von Mises Institute
The mass standardization of American public education and the mass of regulation that supports it has been a miserable failure.

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