baseball fansBy Peter Galuszka

The squabbling over where to put a new baseball stadium in Richmond has taken a bit of a breather now that Mayor Dwight C. Jones shelved his Shockoe Bottom plan fearing that it might be shot down for good by City Council.

But it is certain to come back again. And when it does, the same issues remain, including cost, public expenditures and debt, the slave museum, traffic and others.

One issue that seems to be left out is who the fans of the AA Flying Squirrels really are. At Chesterfield Monthly, we make the case in a cover story that the fans are really a bunch of kids and their Moms and Dads. Many are from the suburbs and are probably not interested in going bar-hopping after a game. They’d probably get carded anyway.

Here’s my story.

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One response to “The Shutout in Richmond”

  1. Yes… thank you. Nobody who would be spending money downtown cares about AA baseball.

    If Richmond wants to do anything with sports and downtown development, it’ll have to revolve around either a new professional franchise (I actually think an MLS team is not unreasonable for the area), a VCU basketball arena, or a football stadium for a new VCU football team. Though I’m not convinced any of those are a great idea either.

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