The Lamentable Demise of the Daily Newspaper

I, for one, will miss daily newspapers when they expire, as it seems they inevitably will — and not just because I find it more convenient to scan headlines and read stories on newsprint than online. For all my complaints about the Mainstream Media, I will miss the ability of newspapers to cover important events and trends in a semi-objective manner.

Scott Lee and I chat about the future of newspapers and journalism in Virginia on The Score Radio Network.

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(comments below)


  1. fundamentally, “news” does not go away. We still get it. The quality and quantity of it will change.

    I think one of the biggest problems beyond the damage to the intrinsic value of journalism is how we all vett (or should) information.

    They need to start teaching this in schools and more and more research is showing that many people will gravitate towards information that bolsters their own biases and prejudices rather than seek the truth and there are more and more internet sites that essentially promote disinformation that suits a particular agenda.

    A very telling poll these days would be to ask people to list, in their view, the top 3 most credible and trustworthy sources of information.

    We also have seen the advent of Politi-Fact type sites that seek to cut through the misinformation and disinformation and actually get the truth which is becoming quite a novel concept these days for many folks.

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