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Cuccinelli Gives His Take on Youngkin’s Election

Ken Cuccinelli. Photo credit: USA Today

by Bruce Majors

Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2013, spoke to a breakfast of conservative activists Wednesday, and expressed glee about Terry McAuliffe’s election loss.

“Terry beat me by two and a half percent in 2013, and Glenn Youngkin beat him by two and a half percent this year,” Cuccinelli said. “When I ran against McAuliffe he had no record, having never held office, and he hid, making the minimal amount of campaign appearances. He was the fresh face. This time his opponent Glenn Youngkin was the fresh face, and McAuliffe spent the campaign whining that he was releasing hundreds of pages of White Papers, but no one paid any attention. Except journalists, who are Democrats, but even they fact checked McAuliffe and said he was lying about his record.”

Cuccinelli’s most interesting remarks were in reply to a question from an Arlington first responder, who wanted to know what Governor Youngkin or the Virginia GOP would be doing about county vaccine mandates for government employees. Continue reading

The Rise of the Mises Caucus

Ludwig von Mises

by Bruce Majors

Virginia had elections this week that garnered no media coverage: internal elections for offices in the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia.

Voters and the media pay little attention to Libertarian and other smaller party candidates except when they poll well enough to look like spoilers. That happened in the 2013 gubernatorial election when Robert Sarvis won 5% of the vote, tilting the election, many Republicans believed, from their candidate Ken Cuccinelli to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and in the 2016 presidential presidential campaign when Gary Johnson at one point polled in the double digits.

Libertarians played no such spoiler role in 2021, yet in off-year elections some 150 of them were elected to local offices across the country, mainly in smaller rural and suburban jurisdictions — doubling the number of elected Libertarians. (None were in Virginia.) Perhaps more significantly, Libertarians have been redefining themselves. In the past, the party had a left-leaning streak that stressed such ideas as legalizing all drugs, opening the borders to immigration, and eliminating taxes. Over the past year, though, the Libertarian Party has experienced an internal revolution led by a group called the Mises Caucus. Continue reading

McAuliffe Comes for Your Children

Teacher too white

by Bruce Majors

In the waning days of the election, as Terry McAuliffe slipped behind in the polls, his campaign message was: Virginia public school students are now 50% non-white while Virginia public school teachers are 80% white. Only electing Terry McAuliffe will fix this.

There are a number of funny things about this desperate last-minute messaging.

One wonders if Terry McAuliffe knows who these non-white Virginia students are. If you visit Virginia schools you will discover many schools with nary an African-American student. I’ve taught as a substitute in about two dozen public schools throughout Falls Church and Arlington County (adjacent to Fairfax and Loudoun Counties which are so much in the news today). At Hoffman-Boston Elementary, a school near the Pentagon that was historically an African- American school before desegregation, I had a 3rd-grade class with one student each from Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, the Dominican Republic, and China, and four from Mongolia. (There is a Mongolian immigrant community in south Arlington.) At Arlington Science Focus, a magnet school near the upscale Cherrydale neighborhood, the student body is majority non-white, with many Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern students, often immigrants. In Falls Church schools I would sometimes look out over a recess playground and realize that the second biggest demographic group, after white kids, were Sikhs.

What race of teacher would best “represent” in those classes? Continue reading