Sorority Member Put on Probation for Criticizing BLM

by James C. Sherlock

Kappa Alpha Theta University of Kansas – credit New York Post

I quote below a story from the New York Post posted today at 7:48 AM and authored by Lee Brown.

Karl Marx is alive and living in Kansas.

The sound you hear is George Orwell turning over in his grave.

Does anyone think this can’t happen in Virginia?

A University of Kansas sorority has put a member on probation for “unbecoming” behavior on social media — for sharing a post criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Sophomore Katherine Lauer shared documents with Fox News that show she was sanctioned by the college’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for “argumentative communication … as a result of your social media posts.”

She was told to take a “social media posting holiday” for a week to do a “personal reflection and cleanse” — and watch a video selected by the sorority’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Fox said.

The student said she was also ordered to monitor her online posts to “assess their alignment with the Kappa Alpha Theta online social media contract,” as well as have “open dialogue” with Kappa Alpha Theta chief operating officer Allie Dew to get a “broader education of America today.”

The suspension was sparked by Lauer reposting a message from conservative firebrand Candace Owens calling Black Lives Matter “the most flagrantly racist organization in America.”

“Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men, using the faces of dead black people, to raise millions of dollars toward electing white Democrats into positions of power,” Owens declared in the Sept. 23 tweet.

Lauer told Fox that she supports the ideals of the BLM movement and was merely questioning the funding.

When she asked why she was being put under discretionary probation, she was told it was for “conduct unbecoming of a member of Theta.”

She attempted to appeal the probation in a meeting with the sorority’s advisory board on Oct. 18 — but it was overturned by the board, which pressed her to admit she benefited from white privilege, Fox said.

Lauer said other sorority sisters texted her to complain that her posts — which also included pro-life stances and ones highlighting flubs by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden — were “hurtful.”

Yet the sorority took no action against those posting “aggressive” attacks on President Trump and his policies, she said.

“I feel like they’re really trying to suppress me and silence me,” Lauer told Fox.

“A lot of the conservative friends that I have do not feel comfortable speaking their opinion. It’s almost like … the environment that everyone feels suppressed,” she said.

Lauer is set to be “re-evaluated” during a meeting next Monday.

You’re not in Kansas anymore, Katherine.

God help us all.

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27 responses to “Sorority Member Put on Probation for Criticizing BLM

  1. Just to make it clear, this is action taken by a private organization, not a public institution.

    • You are correct. That does not make it any less disturbing.

    • What should be our threshold of concern? Violence? And what would the threshold be if the roles were reversed?

      Hey, at least she wasn’t subjected to a drive by shooting. The “free speech” and “inclusive” folks have done much worse of late. This happened to an elderly couple.

      “A home in north Seattle was riddled with bullets during a drive-by shooting on Friday, according to Seattle police.”

      “The couple had a “thin blue line American flag” in their yard, meant to show support for the Seattle Police Department. They believe the display is connected to the shooting and say there were problems in the past.”

    • So why did everyone make such a fuss when the NFL originally prohibited political demonstrations during the National Anthem? The argument was that it was a First Amendment issue, which, of course, it was not. The NFL is not the government.

      How do we argue that some private entities are subject to free speech requirements, while others aren’t? It reminds me of the New York Times, always ready to criticize others but willing to argue that journalists should not be criticized. Or Jennifer Wexton having Northam campaign for her after she called for his resignation when his blackface antics were exposed. Anyone think the Post will note this?

      The more we don’t have one set of rules, the more we will move toward bloody confrontation.

    • Dick Hall-Sizemore – Are you saying you oppose any intervention into what these private organizations do? Even to the point of shine a light on it?

      If you are consistent in that regard I can respect that position.

  2. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    I would advise all of Katherine’s like minded sisters to purposefully break those sorority rules morning, noon, and night. Non cooperation is a requirement in this instance. I think Katherine should view the suspension as a badge of honor.

  3. Same thing happening at UVA. Same thing happening at VMI, W&L, and VPI. This is no accident. Same thing is happening all over our country, in our schools, towns, cities, streets, and national media. It is driven a highly organized national campaign of intimidation and indoctrination, run by extremists and their enablers (politicians and academics) that is shutting down citizens’ free speech, free expression, and free action, anything citizens express that extremists and their enablers consider contrary to their own private interests, agenda and ideology driven by bigots and haters of others, led by activists in higher education, the bureaucracy and political class.

    And what is our response?

    Here is one intelligent response:

    “jwallace | October 20, 2020 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    After reading several posts, I have to wonder, do any of you know what you are talking about? VMI grounded in confederate origins? If someone did not know any better one would think VMI was nothing more than a WASP training ground. Learn something about the Institute then comment. I can go to every state institution including HBC&U’s and find racist actions current and past. For you white guilt cupcakes stop pandering to minorities it is more offensive than anything else that they have encountered. CONSIDER THIS Many of the current general assembly actions (proposed laws) depict minorities as less capable of getting their vehicle inspection in the month that it is due, that we need a 04 month grace period. GA Members said this law was necessary because expired state inspections are used to pull minorities. Racist! Can you get anymore Racist than that theory. What is best the GA is saying minorities can’t do what they are suppose to do.”

    Here is another:

    “James A. Bacon | October 20, 2020 at 11:04 am | Reply

    Before we get all hysterical about the Washington Post article, let’s review the evidence in the article. Remember, these are the worst examples that the Post could come up with to justify its charge that blacks at VMI are afflicted by “relentless racism.”

    Keniya Lee attended a class in which a white adjunct professor told stories about her father’s membership in the Ku Klux Klan in the 1930s. Kellogg told the Washington Post that the intent of her reminiscences was to show how much society had changed. It was, she said, “important for students to understand that people change and that you can’t crucify me based on my father’s history.” Lee didn’t see it that way, she complained to administrators, and the administration asked Kellogg to apologize.

    In 2018, a block sophomore objected to incorporating Stonewall Jackson’s image into the design of the class ring. A fellow student denounced him by name on a chat app: “F—ing leave already. People like you are the reason this school is divided. Stop focusing so much on your skin color and focus on yourself as a person. Nobody i[n] your recent family line was oppressed by ‘muh slavery.’ ”

    When Vice President Pence gave a speech on campus, two black students boycotted the event. They were punished with demerits, detention and three weeks of confinement on campus. The WapO offered no explanation that the punishment was racially motivated.

    In 2017, Col. William Wanovich, the school’s commandant of cadets, appeared in a Halloween photo of cadets dressed up in boxes as President Trump’s border wall with the words, “Keep out,” and “No Cholos,” a disparaging term for men or boys of Mexican descent. VMI said at the time that the costume was in poor taste but declined comment on whether Wanovich was disciplined (a private personnel matter).

    In March, Carmelo Echevarria Colon III, a training sergeant, condemned the Black Lives Matter movement on Facebook: “I am seeing all these clowns taking a knee and bowing to [protest]. I’ll take a knee alright. To maximize my shooting platform.”

    Last year a white sophomore told a black freshman that he’d “lynch” him and “use his dead corpse as a punching bag.” The administration suspended the student for one academic year.

    Superintendent J.H. Binford Peay III has defended keeping the statue of Jackson, a slaveholder, on the grounds that he was a “military genius” intimately associated with the Institute. But he has declared that there is no place for racism or discrimination at VMI and has altered many of the school’s traditions rooted in its Confederate past.

    According to the Post, about 8 percent of VMI’s 1,700 students are Black — somewhere between 130 and 140. The WaPo quotes about a half dozen who support the white writer’s racism narrative. We don’t know if they represent a majority opinion among black VMI students and grads or a disgruntled minority.

    We have six incidents spread over three years. In one incident, the teacher was asked to apologize. In another incident, the administration suspended a student for making racially charged remarks. In a third, it distanced itself from the border-wall costumes. Two other incidents involved people making political comments on social media (presumably protected by free speech, and not directed toward any individual at VMI). The incident in which two blacks were disciplined involved boycotting an event where attendance was required. Zero evidence was presented that the punishment was racially motivated.

    That’s the evidence of “relentless racism.”

    Governor Ralph Northam has written a letter to the VMI board of visitors expressing his “deep concerns” about the “appalling culture of ongoing structural racism” at VMI. The state will fund an independent probe into the school’s culture, policies, practices, and disciplinary procedures.

    Let’s hope the probe starts with an inquiry into the derivation of Northam’s VMI nickname, Coonman. That might be the most genuinely racist of all.”

    • James Wyatt Whitehead V

      Mr. Reed this is the most insulting and insidious concept:
      “CONSIDER THIS Many of the current general assembly actions (proposed laws) depict minorities as less capable of getting their vehicle inspection in the month that it is due, that we need a 04 month grace period.”

      You see this false stewardship in many places now.

      • Yes, James, I see that “most insulting and insidious concept very clearly.”

        That concept is designed and deployed to shake the confidence, self identify, reasoning abilities, competence and future of the targeted “minorities” and thereby gain the mindless loyalty and control of that minority group, for the advantage and private gain of the ideological and/or political activist.

        This is evil. It is very destructive and compounding, because it also works to undermine and destroy the “imaginary” oppressor too, for the advantage of the activist. It’s divide and conquer, killing communities, groups, a nation, and love.

        We must oppose this evil at all costs.

    • Can’t speak for others, but I don’t appreciate large volume reposting of previous material. I guess there’s no rule about it, but for me it detracts from the value of the comments section.

  4. She can always quit the sorority.

  5. This is a sorority, right? And the Post and FOX news is “reporting” ? This is national news?

    • It’s moving like a wildfire across the internet. Culture wars are of extremely high interest to those on both sides.

    • I’m filing this away for later: 10/21/2020 – LarrytheG ridicules the idea that the activities of sororities (and presumably also fraternities) are newsworthy.

      • Oh, they’re newsworthy for sure! But as national news ? Last time I checked Fraternities and sororities were private, somewhat exclusive sometimes (not anyone could get in) and, in general did discriminate on a wide variety of things..

        Most private groups are like that… no?

        so you “file” away things so you can bring them up later? 😉

        • How do you explain “application of the First Amendment” to employees of NFL teams? Last time I looked, this was a private entity. Unless we start trying to have one set of rules that applies to everyone, we will have more bloodshed.

          • TMT – It’s between the employees and the private entity as to what is allowed. There is no absolute control by the employer if the employees as a group disagree. It’s a negotiated issue.

            When you work for someone – they set the rules for speech that involves their company. They cannot prevent you from free speech about other things not related to the company.

            Gong to be bloodshed over it? Really? Who is going to do the killing? The company or self-proclaimed vigilantes?

            You’re a lawyer guy, right? Surely you see this difference.

          • Larry, the NFL barred players (employees) from kneeling during the National Anthem. The response from elected officials (Ds of course) and the media was this violated the players’ First Amendment rights. This argument was pushed until the NFL backdown.

            There should not have been any First Amendment argument made, especially by elected officials and the media, who should know better. So why aren’t they arguing First Amendment rights for the sorority sister? If you make a bad argument, you should make it consistently, not just when it aids your cause.

            This is just one more case of “Heads, I win; tails, you lose.”

          • re: ” Larry, the NFL barred players (employees) from kneeling during the National Anthem. The response from elected officials (Ds of course) and the media was this violated the players’ First Amendment rights. This argument was pushed until the NFL backdown.”

            Well.. no… there was clearly back and forth between the left and right folks, no question.

            “There should not have been any First Amendment argument made, especially by elected officials and the media, who should know better. So why aren’t they arguing First Amendment rights for the sorority sister? If you make a bad argument, you should make it consistently, not just when it aids your cause.”

            I think there is some confusion on this – both sides. But if you are working for an employer- they do have the right to restrict your speech if it reflects on them as long as there is not an agreement with the employee group that says otherwise.

            “This is just one more case of “Heads, I win; tails, you lose.”

            No. This is how employee groups work. If they are organized, they can challenge the employer on these issues – and they did and the employer caved on it because the employees were resolute – would strike AND the public – which includes alot of black folks and others who support the players were with the players.

            Organized employee groups have more power than individual employees on many issues like this – and many in the public support them.

        • I am 100% certain that you will reverse your position on this as soon as an accusation of “systemic racism” (or some other liberal boogey man) against some fraternity or sorority makes the national news.

          When, not if, that happens I hope I am here to remind you of this exchange.

          • That was the essence of my message to Dick Hall-Sizemore above, to which he did not reply.

            The article merely sheds light on what’s happening. Even that appear to be too much intervention for actions they support.

            I can except the idea that fraternities are private and unregulated, but any intervention should be politically neutral. Unfortunately, that’s not how progressives operate.

  6. Baconator with extra cheese

    Most universities sanction Greek orgs. and typically have an univerity staffed liason along with by-laws. I was president of my fraternity in college and dealt with some crap. A lot of universities own the Greek houses too so they can have a bit more control.
    They are treading on thin ice if they take Federal money.
    If universities were smart they’d end the Greek system. Too much downside….. and exposure in today’s world. The argument is that the kid’s will go underground and more chaos will ensue.

  7. Can’t find a good thread to post this in today, but I figure it will be of interest to the Culcha War watchers on here. December will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower disembarkation up at our Jamestown’s colonial antipode, and Chris Caldwell over at the Claremont RoB penned this little reflection on it.

  8. Where is the outrage?!

    What are the 5 in the 1st again? Hmm, speech, press, redress, religion, and uh,… wait, I know there’s s a fifth in there…

    “Madeleine Westerhout, who left her White House job suddenly on Thursday as President Trump’s personal assistant, was fired after bragging to reporters that she had a better relationship with Trump than his own daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump…”

    I tolerate your church because I wish one of my own.

    • “The New York Post fired sportswriter Bart Hubbuch for tweeting, on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, “12/7/41. 9/11/01. 1/20/17.” The message was that Donald Trump’s inauguration was a devastating national tragedy on the order of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.”

      Awwww, the little girl got her feelings hurt. At least she still has her income…

      Can I stop with this or do I have to post more stories of people fired/ostracized for opposing the positions near and dear to BR?

      I have always tried to view things from different perspectives. Even silly things. Remember the Alka-Seltzer commerical, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relif it is”?

      I always wonder how it would have been received if Preparation-H had got to it first.

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