Some Pretty Good Clues to the EnRichmond Saga

by James C. Sherlock

EnRichmond Balance Sheet, December 31, 2019

Jon Baliles wrote an article about the EnRichmond Foundation. Seems everyone is in the dark.

To throw some light, I offer the last Form 990 from EnRichmond that is available online. It was filed October 20, 2020.

It offers some clues, such as …

  • the name of the Executive Director;
  • the name, address and phone number of the tax accountant;
  • the names of all of the officers, directors and key employees; and
  • the fact that the EnRichmond balance sheet above lost more than half its net assets or fund balances from the end of 2018 until the end of 2019, not including the pumped up intangible assets,  perhaps indicating some issue — just saying.

The balance sheet indicates EnRichmond finished 2019 with savings and temporary cash investments of $210,961 and $124,699.

I guess it is possible for that amount to have increased to $3 million that is being discussed as missing, but the total revenue in 2019 was $1,175,990 which was exceeded by $1,542,978 in expenses.

I am also sure that Richmond police have this data. So it really cannot remain a mystery.

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(comments below)


15 responses to “Some Pretty Good Clues to the EnRichmond Saga”

  1. Richard Smith Avatar
    Richard Smith

    I bet the Accountants, Bookkeepers and Lawyers for Black Live Matters can help solve this mystery…

  2. Thanks, Jim S. There’s lot to be curious about in those numbers. I’m more curious about the $19 million dollar Master Plan for Evergreen Cemetery, where the money was coming from and if it came in, where it went–starting with the $400,000 from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation for the Open Space Easement.

  3. Lefty665 Avatar

    The 990 shows the names of the Executive Director, 8 members of the Board of Directors, President, VP and Treasurer.

    If those folks are local, and it seems likely they are, have there been very pointed questions asked of them? What do the President, VP and especially the Treasurer have to say?

    Anyone know any of them?

    Lesa Williams, President
    David Young, VP
    Vicky Steinruck, Treasurer
    John Sydnor, Executive Director


    Joel Koci
    David Kearney
    John Mitchell
    Dr. Patricia Brown
    Marion Cake
    Tee Clarkson
    Michael Wallace
    Lu Gay Lanier

    1. James C. Sherlock Avatar
      James C. Sherlock

      These folks are easy to find with Bing search. I do not expect most of them had anything to do with this. If there is an investigation, it should not take long.

      1. Lefty665 Avatar

        Hey Jim, are you considering giving Vicky a call or email to ask her what’s up?

        She was the Treasurer and has experience as an auditor so she WILL know, Just remember she’s a CPA so you have to parse her answers carefully.

        Vicky Steinruck, CPA
        Phone: 804.343.2501 | Email:

        1. James C. Sherlock Avatar
          James C. Sherlock

          Thanks. I saw that. I’ll leave that to others. If I lived in Richmond I’d pursue it.

          1. Lefty665 Avatar

            So it’s worth yammering about, but not actually worth lifting a finger to do anything about? Sorta hard on your self image as a stalwart investigative reporter doing deep dives into issues you raise.

          2. James C. Sherlock Avatar
            James C. Sherlock

            We have an investigative associate in Richmond who will follow up.

  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    Another one of those issues where many folks who often hammer the govt for it’s flaws and failings, also take for granted the 990 which is a wholly Govt-created requirement that is fundamental to transparency and accountability, that simply would not be there if not for that 990.

    So , just like with SOLs and other govt-required data, we
    use govt-required data and documents to impugn – government.

    1. James C. Sherlock Avatar
      James C. Sherlock

      I thought for a minute you were going to take a time out. Silly me.

      Where exactly, Larry, did I in this article impugn government?

      1. walter smith Avatar
        walter smith

        He suffers from PTSD…
        He is so used to being whacked with truth that he just cain’t hep it!

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          geeze Walter.. dunno what to say… not a single whataboutism!

      2. LarrytheG Avatar

        Impugn is the wrong word.

        The last sentence is my bad.

        And no, not defending this group, there’s obviously something not Kosher going on.

        There you go Sherlock.

  5. Lefty665 Avatar

    Could this be the Treasurer?

    Vicky Steinruck, CPA
    Phone: 804.343.2501 | Email:

    Vicky joined VACo in March 2004 as the director of administration. Previously, she worked for the City of Richmond as Supervisor of Accounting for Park, Recreation and Community Facilities and prior to that was Senior Auditor in the City Auditor’s Office in City of Richmond.

    Vicky has a B.S. in accounting and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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