Some Pretty Good Clues to the EnRichmond Saga

by James C. Sherlock

EnRichmond Balance Sheet, December 31, 2019

Jon Baliles wrote an article about the EnRichmond Foundation. Seems everyone is in the dark.

To throw some light, I offer the last Form 990 from EnRichmond that is available online. It was filed October 20, 2020.

It offers some clues, such as …

  • the name of the Executive Director;
  • the name, address and phone number of the tax accountant;
  • the names of all of the officers, directors and key employees; and
  • the fact that the EnRichmond balance sheet above lost more than half its net assets or fund balances from the end of 2018 until the end of 2019, not including the pumped up intangible assets,  perhaps indicating some issue — just saying.

The balance sheet indicates EnRichmond finished 2019 with savings and temporary cash investments of $210,961 and $124,699.

I guess it is possible for that amount to have increased to $3 million that is being discussed as missing, but the total revenue in 2019 was $1,175,990 which was exceeded by $1,542,978 in expenses.

I am also sure that Richmond police have this data. So it really cannot remain a mystery.