The Pilot Experiments with Letters Online

The Virginian-Pilot is conducting an interesting experiment: converting its letters to the editor into blog posts that allow other readers to comment. So far, the reader interaction has been meager. That may change, and I hope it will.

If the idea fails to take off despite the massive readership that the Pilot can drive to the blog, here’s my take on why: Letters to the Editor are, by their nature, extremely diverse in their viewpoints, their tone and their subject matter. A Letters blog does not have a thematic focus, and it cannot develop an editorial voice that people can respond to, either positively or negatively.

Virginian-Pilot columnists are much more likely, I would suspect, to generate a following and interaction with readers than the Letters section. Succeed or fail, the Pilot deserves credit for trying something new.

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One response to “The Pilot Experiments with Letters Online”

  1. Eileen Levandoski Avatar
    Eileen Levandoski

    This isn’t exactly new. Leesburg Today used to publish their LTEs online and it spawned all sorts of fun. I wonder if they still do that. I live in VA Beach now.

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