‘not jim gilmore’

The Virginia House of Delegate 2005 Election web blog is morphing into a three-ring political circus with the latest celebrity post by ‘not jim gilmore’…

Virginia House of Delegates 2005 Elections

‘not jim gilmore’ wrote: “That’s 41 Pro-Virginia, 35 Anti-Virginia and 3 fingers in the wind. With 21 seats left, everyone needs to be very aware that we have not won this election yet.”

Blue Dog question of the day: Is that a one-finger salute?

Earlier this week, celebrity bloggers, Dem House of Delegate candidate David Englin and ‘Pub anti-tax Senator Ken Cuccenilli, both back off early commitments. The Blue Dog’s congressional source, ‘Dry Throat,’ alerted me to candidate David Englin and wife blogflogging ‘not larry sabato’ — Apparently, ‘NLS’ fibbed about these celebrity bloggers…

Who are the web log anonymous posters — ‘not larry sabato’ AND ‘not jim gilmore’? Any thoughts, or comments?

The Blue Dog’s best guess for the anonymous bloggers…

Probable identity of ‘not larry sabato’: Washington Post writers and Warner sycophant twins, Michael Shear and Chris Jenkins… Or RT-D columnist Jeff ‘good copy’ Schapiro (But if we take him at his word, NLS says he resides in Chesterfield County).

Probable identity of ‘not jim gilmore’: Delegate Gary Reese.

The Blue Dog’s favorite ‘Pub buddy Red Dog (who serves in the GA House) wrote: “Delegate Reese is not that computer kind of guy so he is not larry sabato. His style is more Shear than Schapiro…NLS is more like a real reporter. Not jim gilmore IS probably preston bryant.”

But CC guest blogger, Norm ‘one mans trash’ Leahy wrote: “Not Jim Gilmore, I believe, is Preston Bryant,” but posted that it could be the ‘Pub court jester, Russ Potts.

Commonwealth Conservative » I’m Anti-Virginia, How ‘Bout You?

Another fellow Bacon’ Bits blogger wrote, “It seems like Not Larry Sabato has gone from premier political prognosticator to rumor monger central in one week. Don’t quite understand ….”

On the identity of ‘not jim gilmore’, he wrote: “I have no clue. I think all this has taken anonymous posting too far and is giving blogging a bad name.”

The real question is this: What’s the real identity of CC’s John Behan?

~ the blue dog

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32 responses to “‘not jim gilmore’”

  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    I confess to being the Bacon blogger quoted in the above Blue Dog post.

    I don’t make any claim to be the conscience of Virginia blogging, the policeman, or anything else, but I did suggest a blog code of ethics some time back, an idea met with resounding silence. Now comments on anonymous blogs are filled with ethical charges and counter-charges made by equally anonymous posters. They matter because they reflect on real people in the public square.

    The rise of “Not X” anonymous blogs and comments, where X=someone well-known, seems to me to be a particularly pernicious form of anonymity. I’ve defended anonymous blogging in the past, but I am rethinking my position.

    Until just after the June primary, I was as big a fan of the Virginia Delegate 2005 Elections blog as there was, but now I really feel this blog has turned its back on what made it so compelling.

    BTW, Washington Post reporter Michael Shear was asked if he is blogging under another name, but he has not replied:


  2. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    It may be useful to point out that not all anonymous bloggers are alike. People who blog anonymously to be snarky–as opposed to people who blog anonymous and happen once in a while to be snarky but at least own up to their momentary snarkiness–seem a shady sort.

    I don’t compare myself to Publius by any stretch of the imagination, but the consistent use of a pseudonym in place of one’s real name should be regarded differently when compared to the creation of multiple or contradictory pseudonyms for the purpose of distancing oneself and one’s “online reputation”–whether attributable to oneself directly or merely to one’s consistently-used online pseudonym–from a snarky statement.

  3. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    Oh, and back to “Not Jim Gilmore”: When I first read the post, I came to the conclusion that NJG could not possibly be a member of the Gang of 15/17/19 because his comments were so counterproductive. Not only are the terms (i.e., “anti-Virginia”) unfamiliar to those within the Gang but they appear overtly and deliberately crafted to provoke an oppositional response. Either NJG is tactically stupid, or NJG is a plant to rouse the ire of the opposition.

  4. Bob Griendling Avatar
    Bob Griendling

    One man’s opinion, Will and “JD”: Blogging under anything but your real name is gutless.

  5. Shaun Kenney Avatar
    Shaun Kenney

    As for NJG, the writing is very, very sloppy. I mean, extraordinarily sloppy. I’ll take NLS on his word that whomever is writing is a delegate, but it’s sloppy allright.

    Personally, NLS has done a rather remarkable thing — capitalize on 100 races people want to comment and chime in on. It all under one hood, and NLS has received quite a bit of play for his hard work. Tracking all those delegate races has got to be a time consuming job.

    As for whom NJG might be? A delegate with nothing left to lose would be a close start. As for NLS, I’ll respect his decision to be anonymous for no other reason than he has brought something new to the table, and thus is credible in my eyes. His (or her) reasons for posting under a pseudonym should be their own.

    ‘Til something more serious happens, I’ll kick back and let others complain about NLS stealing thunder. I get the feeling that is what most of the criticism ultimately stems from.

  6. “Not Brian Moran” is not one of the Englins.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    I’ve seen Dry Throat’s blog. She appears seems to be clinically insane.

  8. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    What Bob said. But I repeat myself.

  9. Dry Throat Avatar
    Dry Throat

    The web log anonymous poster is probably ‘not Gay Jay Timmons’.

    Just ask yourself why did George Allen hire someone lacking any degrees and place him in such high level jobs? Does George Allen live in a log Cabin? Actually Timmons grew up in the Log Cabin syrup home place.

    Jay Timmons serves as Senior Director for Tew Cardenas’ Public Advocacy Group in Washington, DC. Serving in senior leadership positions in government at both the state and federal level, he brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge to the firm, WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE.

    Prior to joining Tew Cardenas, Jay was the senior aide to U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) for 14 years. Appointed by Allen as Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for the 2004 election cycle, he served as a valuable member of the Senate Republican Leadership staff, advising Senators and their senior aides WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE on policy and campaign issues. Working in conjunction with the Bush Cheney 2004 Presidential campaign and the White House Office of Political Affairs, Jay led successful efforts to strengthen the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to its largest margin since 1928, with the GOP now holding 55 seats. WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE

    Jay was Chief of Staff in Allen’s Senate office prior to his NRSC post. There he managed the office and legislative priorities of the Senator, who served as Chairman of the U.S. Senate High Tech Task Force and as a member of the Commerce, Small Business and Foreign Affairs Committees, WHILE CRUSING GAY BARS.

    As Allen’s Chief of Staff in the Virginia Governor’s Office, Jay was the youngest in state history to hold that post, WITHOUT A QUALIFYING COLLEGE DEGREE. In this capacity, he served as the state’s Chief Operating Officer managing the development and implementation of the Commonwealth’s $35 billion biennial budget WITHOUT WORKING FOR H & R BLOCK. Jay oversaw the management of over 85,000 executive branch employees, including a successful employee buyout program, which assisted in reducing the state government workforce by 10% during his tenure. He was also the Governor’s chief liaison with members of the General Assembly and, as the lead member of the Governor’s Cabinet, he managed and directed the day-to-day administration of the Cabinet and state agencies, BLOCKING KNOWLEDGEABLE DELEGATES ACCESS TO THE GOVERNOR.

    Jay was also Allen’s Chief of Staff in the U.S. House and held senior management posts in Allen’s state and federal campaigns. He has been involved in numerous public policy and communications roles, including:

    Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the White House Conference on Information Services during the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

    Communications Field Advisor for the Republican National Committee.

    Communications Director for Congressman Alex McMillan (R-NC).
    Jay has been cited in Roll Call newspaper as one of the (GAY) fabulous 50 Movers and Shakers behind the scenes on Capitol Hill,” citing “Know How” and “Access.” He serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Public Policy Research(LISTED AS ONE OF THE MOST CONSERVATIVE 501 C3 CLOSELY TIED TO TOM DELAY) and the Board of Directors of Local Finance Solutions, Inc.

    Areas of Practice: WITHOUT ANY DEGREE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, Governmental

    As for being clinically insane, how about George Allen for hiring Jay Timmons?

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Dry Throat obviously works for Senator Bill Frist and is trying to derail Allen’s presidential chances. Do not listen to him/her.

  11. CAN ANYONE SAY I-R-V ?!!!!!

    Instant runoff voting, folks, lets get on it!

  12. Sorry, meant ot put that above IRV post on something about gubernatorial race, not HOD.

    Overexcited blogging

  13. Dry Throat Avatar
    Dry Throat

    For the record, I don’t work for Senator Frist.

    I’m a capitol hill lobbyist.

    For your information, George Allen, Rudi Giuliani and John McCain are posturing for a run for the Oval Office.

    Gay Jay Timmons hasn’t really helped George since the Blade outed him. There’s more and more talk about Allens’ first marriage and divorce. The divorce records are sealed and nobody seems to be able to find out the cause for the action and what his first wife’s name is. He was divorced in the eighties and Gay Jay has been with him ever since. Is Timmons, Allen’s live in lover?

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    By the way, when Guilliani was Mayor of New York, he moved a mysterious male into Gracie Mansion after the divorce. Rudi Giuliani had sacked the “First Lady of New York” for a male Queen posing as a “personal secretary.”

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    If you thought the Swiftees were united just wait until 2008, that is if McCain is still alive. Over the winter, McCain returned from London with an attitude. The question is did he go for cell therapy or was he having a meeting at Chatham House, or both? Winter Solstice? Not yet. With the kind of Melanoma McCain has, it requires desperate acts by desperate people. Even steroids wouldn’t help.

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    I see London, I see France, I see McCain’s wet underpants.

    Girls notice those things.

  14. Dry Throat Avatar
    Dry Throat

    Dry Throat is quite capable of conforming to the blog social standards, whatever that means? Although the term of insanity is a way of attempting to render Dry Throat incapable of making a right or wrong comment, it only encourages and inflames an irresistible impulse to put down the left which is always “never right.”

    In the case of Allen, Guilliani and McCain, the right sometimes drifts in the left lane, asleep at the wheel.

    Many anonymous bloggers are looking for conservative political kinmanship. Most obviously gave up on the democratic party when they started reading the Bible scriptures and then converted to the republican party. I have found many liberal suburban parents, who are so locked in with their educational goals for their children, that they lose sight of who really needs to be educated, or re-educated when it comes to the socialistic paradigm and the current state of our country.

    Can a blogger use techniques that will convince another blogger of someone’s mental state?

    Probably not, unless that one blogger has access to other bloggers to support the ruse. To convince readers that Dry Throat is clinically insane would require the effort of a number of anonymous bloggers who know absolutely nothing about a criminal defense much less clinical psychology.

    You know, there is a weird undertone through all these political blogs.

    Isn’t that American Psycho enough?

  15. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    Dry Throat sure seems to hawk up the credentials. And I remember a day when people were rewarded on performance, not who went where for what. And so much for the value of on-the-job experience, I guess.

  16. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Dry Throat, we welcome your participation in the Bacon’s Rebellion blog in the discussion of politics, public policy and/or economic development. As a Washington lobbyist, you bring insider knowledge and interesting perspectives to bear on Virginia politics. However, this blog is not the proper forum to spread rumor and innuendo about politicians’ sexual preferences.

    I would insist upon keeping discussion of affairs, divorces, sexual preferences, etc. out of Bacon’s Rebellion unless (1) it bears upon the job performance of a public figure, and (2) is based on hard evidence — basically, the same criteria it would take to get such topics into a newspaper. The musings about Allen and Giuliani that you have posted on this blog have met neither criteria — and the Timmons allegations are a stretch.

    Again, I reiterate that I am happy to have you participate in Bacon’s Rebellion as long as you are addressing issues pertaining to Virginia politics and policy. I will delete future comments that violate the no-sexual-innuendo rule.

  17. Michele Meyer Avatar
    Michele Meyer

    Mr. Bacon,
    Yours is usually a site that provides for excellent discussion of relevant issues. I have however noticed a trend developing over the past few months. Whenever steven sisson lets loose with one of his “opinions” the floodgates seem to then be opened to irrelevance. Why do you continue to allow such emptiness to soil your site? I don’t always agree with your opinions, but you think them through and sometimes with additional information have accepted a differing view than your original position. You have provided perspective that has done the same for me. Sisson provides nothing to your publication more than the hyperbole that is usually reserved for the supermarket checkout “news rack” where one can find stories about elvis being married to saddam or michael jackson being an alien from mars.
    Please exercise editorial prerogative and remove sisson’s meaningless rants from your otherwise excellent publication. Please understand that before sisson goes into his next rant over being persecuted and threatened that I am doing neither. I am merely pointing out that when he is included into most any discussion about most any topic, the level of discussion is almost immediately diminished to a great degree, and doesn’t seem to recover. His sole purpose seems to be to trivialize and belittle and bump off track any serious discussion your other “responsible” bloggers attempt. On another level, his “facts” are almost always wrong and when challenged regarding their veracity he runs away into victim land. If your site were a classroom steven would be made to sit in the hallway and stop bothering the other students.

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    NLS is Ben Tribbett.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    I completely agree with Jim Bacon’s 6:23 am post and Michele Meyer’s 7:37 am post. Dry Throat and Blue Dog don’t add meaning to discussions. Blue Dog should get his own blog, if he wants to be read/heard. Dry Throat should stick to hers.

    Background: Blue Dog ran for state office in the Shenandoah Valley a few years back and wasn’t happy with the support he got from Mark Warner. His bitterness over this often shows up in his posts and also demonstrates perhaps why Warner didn’t cough up the dough. There’s enough immaturity in Richmond already. Why send more?

    Most of the posters here seem to know a thing or two and not to be overly motivated by ego. Thanks for the great work!

  20. Jim Dutchess Avatar
    Jim Dutchess

    Agree with Michele, Sisson’s opinions and comments are worthless

  21. Not Mark Rozell Avatar
    Not Mark Rozell

    I have to disagree. Steve may have baggage, but he’s entertaining.

  22. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    Save for the stuff about an Allen/Timmons liaison, I’ve heard the same stuff about the latter for years, from impeccable sources. And I’ve been called “homophobic” by homophiliacs more times than I can count.

    With that having been said, I’m trying to understand why either Timmons (alleged) perversions or his lack of a college degree have anything to do with the performance of his duties. I don’t like the guy for his role in the dishonesty which is and has been the modus operandi of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia for decades, and his role in it during his participation. But, as Jim Bacon points out, so long as he doesn’t pursue the radical homosexual agenda in his role as an Allen operative or otherwise, I don’t think that perversion is a fair point of attack. Just as his lack of a college degree not a fair point of attack so long as he is an effective and loyal Allen operative. I suspect if either were to become an issue, he wouldn’t be an Allen operative for long.

    And Michelle, it wasn’t Elvis who was married to Saddam. It’s Satan who made the latter his boy toy (see the South Park movie).

  23. saywhat? Avatar

    I don’t seek to be entertained on this blog or Not Larry Sabato’s, which has lost some credibility because of promising columnists and scandals that don’t come through. I was entertained by Pastor John, but he’s the rare writer who can be funny AND insightful. And James Young, you’re right, Timmons’ sexual orientation and education level aren’t urgently important.

  24. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    You illbred nitwits keep insulting my friend Bleu Dawg and you’ll answer to me and Zell Miller–pistols at 40 paces!

  25. old yeller Avatar
    old yeller

    Now now Barnie, just settle down. No need to bring ole Zell into this. (Don’t want to wake him up-you know how cranky he is lately) Yer bleu dawg just keeps barkin’ up a empty tree, that’s all. Then he’ll take after a durn ole deer and won’t come when we holler. Gets all thu other dogs all worked up and messes up the trainin’. Thinkin’ ’bout puttin’ a shock collar on him. Probly ought to get him cut while we’re at it. What d’you think Barnie?

  26. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Ahm tard of paternalistically challenged Yankees, Noo Yawkers, I’d say, from the cut of they clothes and the way they tawk, thowin’ off on ol’ Bleu, is whut ahm tard of.

  27. Steven Avatar

    Phew! This afternoon, I checked out of a valley hospital.

    On his day off, the Blue Dog had a bicycle wreck near the City of Lexington. Some tall, lanky bleach-blonde guy, who had a lot of press coverage, sycophant’s deluxe and Dem special ops, deliberately ran me off the road on his way to the White House.

    Hmm… Looks like the dog has been hit and ‘sheared’ on Bacon’s road as well.

    Michelle and Jim: Apparently, the Blue Dog’s readership doesn’t agree with your post — and the politicos interview with the Blue Dog for a reason. Understand, it’s a numbers game. And jealously is an ugly thing.

    Anon: Again — Please get over it. I’m not running for elected office.

    Barnie and Not Mark Rozell: Thank you. IOU.

    ~ the black and blue dog

  28. Salt Lick Avatar
    Salt Lick

    Blue Dog —

    “They Gotta Quit Kicking’ My Dog Aroun’,” as performed by Bob Dylan and The Band.

    For you and Barnie at:


  29. old yeller Avatar
    old yeller

    Well of all… he never fell off no two wheeler! He jus ain’t never lurnt how tuh stay on the truck when it’s a movin’. Barnie yer a plum good man takin up fer a mangey ole sooner like bleu. Most woulda done got rid of ‘im. Reckon you’ll ever git thuh durned ole hound tuh amount tuh anythin’? Be good if’n he lurnt tuh stop tanglin’ up his chain and stepin’ in his water. Barnie, I notice he’s been lookin’ kinda peaked lately, reckin he’s got worms?

  30. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Lissen up, cracker. Hit’s
    ‘guv’ment.’ Ol Bleu’s been on a lean ‘guv’ment’ diet!

  31. Not Virgil Goode Avatar
    Not Virgil Goode

    A new blog is up with comments sizing up “Kaine’s ” chances. You are invited to visit http://winvirginia.blogspot.com/
    the weblog of notvirgilgoode. Some insight on winning statewide in Virginia…dont forget the rural areas

  32. Anonymous Avatar

    Great back and forth between you and old yeller but I have a question for you. When your “Bleu Dawg” challenges Emmett Hanger for the republican nomination in ’07 will you support him?

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