New Names for the Redskins

Hey, how bogus, this dude's skin isn't even red!
How bogus, this dude’s skin isn’t even red!

OK, this Washington Redskins controversy is getting out of hand. If people don’t like the name, let’s change it!

My two nominations:

The Rednecks
Major advantage: With a little white-out, you wouldn’t even have to change the team stationery.

The Palefaces
Major advantage: The Palefaces didn’t win all the battles but they won all the wars. Isn’t that what you want for your football team?


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(comments below)


8 responses to “New Names for the Redskins”

  1. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    Well Jim, no one can ever say you don’t have a smarta** sense of humor:)
    But seriously, my daughter is 1/2 Cherokee…a redskins fan…and TOTALLY pissed that they would even consider changing the name…and she’ll be 12 in February.

    1. One half Cherokee? I guess that entitles her to one-half a vote in the ethnic indignation sweepstakes.

      1. Andrea Epps Avatar
        Andrea Epps

        I think she would argue she does nothing by half. The entire world is Melanie’s…we are all just lucky enough to live in it…LOL!
        No, she is a sweetie. HUGE heart, but VERY opinionated. What do they say about the apple?

  2. How about the Red Faced Warriors! It could serve double duty as the GOP could adopt it also.

  3. accurate Avatar

    Uh, better idea – leave the darn name alone. We’ve got a LOT more important things to expend energy on.

  4. Once again, a positively earth-shaking event has occurred.. Accurate and I now agree on TWO things .. ( I forgot what the first was though).

  5. DJRippert Avatar

    Just change the logo to a potato or a peanut and keep calling them the Redskins.

  6. DJ’s proposal is nothing short of BRILLIANT! Why didn’t Snyder think of that?

    here’s one that might be even better… the logo would be a picture of an indian eating redskin peanuts…

    lordy lordy

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