MWAA Vindicated in Federal Suit

A lawsuit seeking to block the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority from assessing tolls on the Dulles Toll Road has been dismissed by Anthony J. Trenga, United States District Judge in Alexandria. The judge ruled against the plaintiffs in all important particulars. Details to come tomorrow.

I so unhappy!

Update: I talked to Pat McSweeney, one of the attorneys behind the suit. Trenga’s logic was so obviously flawed, McSweeney says, that he thinks there is a good chance that the ruling will be overturned in higher court. The plaintiffs expect to file an appeal to the case to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals next week.

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One response to “MWAA Vindicated in Federal Suit”

  1. Groveton Avatar

    Yet another Richmond based lawyer and champion of the party of “no” trying to derail any and all progress. He makes a great bookend to Jaime Radke. When will the faux conservatives of the Republican Party realize that the American people want change? They my not want Obama’s brand of change but they don’t want an endless diet of the status quo.

    All pretend conservatives and former government careerists masquerading as anti-government activists should be forced to actually watch Ronald Reagan’s speeches. They should be forced to watch until they are forced to admit that Reagan was the leader of the party of “yes” rather than the party of “no”.

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