Map of the Day: Virginia as Two-Headed Fish


Luke Juday has a new toy, software that allows him to draw a map of Virginia that distorts cities and counties according to the relative size of their population. It’s one more way to show the demographic dominance of the urban crescent from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads.

The map creates an interesting Rohrschach test. I see a fish with two heads (Northern Virginia is one, Hampton Roads the other). Anybody else?

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(comments below)


One response to “Map of the Day: Virginia as Two-Headed Fish”

  1. I don’t think I’ll play the Rohrschach test game!

    but I much appreciate Luke’s fertile and creative approach to visualizing data… and geography.

    some of it just is ” hmmm.. that’s interesting”… and some of it
    can engender significant insights – that often can contradict conventional wisdom.

    so… how about one for median income… (did we already do that?)

    oh and how about this one – the counties by the school composite index..?

    oh.. and go to the Auditor of Public Accounts and download that city/county data into spreadsheet format and let’s compare counties according to education spending per capita… or property taxes per capita per county/city…

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