The LeBlanc Controversy

I just can’t get agitated about the Danny LeBlanc controversy. It’s not as if Gov. Timothy M. Kaine wants to appoint LeBlanc, a former state AFL-CIO president who opposes the Right-to-Work law, to Secretary of Commerce and Trade, where he could do some damage. The Governor wants to make LeBlanc Secretary of the Commonwealth, where he’s in charge of appointments to sundry boards and commissions — in effect, Secretary of Patronage.

That’s what happens when you win the election. You appoint a party stalwart to hand out rewards to your supporters. If LeBlanc doesn’t fill the position, Kaine will find another partisan ally to do the job. My advice to House Republicans: Get over it. Act nice. Throw the Governor a bone.

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5 responses to “The LeBlanc Controversy”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    That’s been up 24 hours with no comment, let alone no disagreement. Once again the House Republicans have their fingers on the pulse of Virginia, expending time and energy on matters of vital importance to the people. Yawn. LeBlanc should be approved.

  2. Lucy Jones Avatar

    I don’t think the lack of posting is due to people not caring… I think at first a lot of people were pretty upset about the LeBlanc “affair”, Myself included. For me, it was the perceived notion that Mr. LeBlanc could somehow turn our state union and bring in all that dirty money we hear about on the news. I guess after reading quite a few opinions on his real power in this position, I have calmed down and pretty much resigned to the fact that Mr. Kaine should have the right to appoint the guy if he wants to. I think, once again, the lack of information scared the bejeebees out of me and my fellow bloggers were able to help me out 🙂

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I think the most interesting news of the week is not about leBlanc its about the anti-tax rally that fizzled – Americans for Prosperity, the KNOW campaign, VCAP and others – BIG NO GO. I know it was raining, but come on. Jim Gilmore backed out two days prior b/c turnout will be SO abysmal.

    Check out Jeff Schapiro’s BLOG and see that they were expecting 200 or more people. It’s the same thing that happened in 2004!

    “Apparently the no-new-taxes activists who staged a less-than-impressive rally on Capitol Square earlier this week, indeed, were expecting a lot more people and a headliner or two.

    According to the application for use of the Capitol grounds — submitted to the state in early February by the so-called KNOW campaign — “200-plus” people were likely to turn out for purposes of “working against a tax increase in the General Assembly.” The paperwork also indicated three speakers, including former Gov. Jim Gilmore, the big daddy of the controversial car-tax rollback.

    Gilmore was a no-show and maybe 60 were on hand for what T-D scribe Tyler Whitley described as the “fizzle in the drizzle.” “

    Maybe the sentiment is’not so strong to continue congestion on the roadways.

    See TY Whitley:

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    If Danny LeBlanc couldn’t “turn our state union” after years as the President of the Virginia AFL-CIO, it’s highly unlikely that he could do so helping fill slots on boards and commissions, most of which have relatively little power beyond writing reports and handing out advice which can be ignored.

    As for “all that dirty money that we hear about on the news,” I’ve known Danny for about 30 years; and I can assure you that he is not involved with Jack Abramoff.

  5. Jim:
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Elected officials dance with the folks who brung ’em to the party. So what’s new?

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