Immigration Fuels Virginia’s Population Growth

Immigration from other states and from abroad continues to boost Virginia’s population growth, and the Demographics & Workforce Group of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service has the details in a new analysis.

Between 2005 and 2009, an estimated 283,000 people moved into the state from other parts of the U.S. while 253,000 left, for a net gain of 29,300.

Over the same period, 59,000 people immigrated to Virginia from other countries. (There are no statistics on the number who emigrated from the state.) These legal immigrants originated from:

Image credit: Weldon Cooper Center

And here is where the greatest activity took place:

Virginians remained mobile through the period studied. On average, 900,000 changed residences every year. Fewer than half (407,000) moved across city/county lines; of those who did, most moved to neighboring jurisdictions.


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(comments below)


  1. I know that, but for immigration from abroad, Fairfax County would be losing population. Legal immigration is important to our future.

  2. wow.. look at the Asian/Europe flow! I’ve noticed that in our area, a significant number of medical specialists are Asian, Pakistani, Indian, etc.

    I notice many technology companies these days have CEOs and other leadership with foreign surnames.

    I’d be curious though – for no other reason other than context what the illegal immigration numbers look like in comparison with these numbers.

    Clearly, the Asian and European immigrants are not coming here to landscape and bus dirty dishes, etc….

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