A number of good comments in the IT WILL TAKE A LOT MORE THAT LINT string. I (and others who have contacted me off line) will be posting some responses there later but first:

Groveton, as he has done frequently, added real substance from a perspective that is lacking in many discussions of “shaping the future.”

That makes it doubly important to support his efforts on governance evolution and the IPoV.

An article in today’s WaPo reminded me that I have intended to place a draft survey stake (a tentative marker) out on what Fundamental Change in Governance means.

The story is “White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters.” Read it and weep. This is a democracy with a president is in office due to less than 30% of those who could qualify to vote in two elections? The shielding the Commander-in-Chief’s eyes from protest sounds like something out of the decline of the Roman Empire or one of the teen kings of France (XIII to XVI). No wonder the mission to spread democracy by this administration is seen as an international joke.

So here is the survey stake:

Following Fundamental Change in Governance Structure to preserve democracy and free markets in an educated and technologically sophisticated society:

1. The most important governance practitioner for any citizen or Household would be their Dooryard representative on the Cluster Board. Not one in a million even know they live in a Dooryard — but their genes do because that is where they evolved. While perhaps five percent of the population live in places that are, or could be, called Beta Clusters, none are functional parts of the existing governance structure.

2. The most well known governance practitioner for the citizens of any New Urban Region would be the elected head of the administrative branch of the Regional governance structure. There is not yet one functional Regional governance structure outside the European Union so far as we know. Toronto comes closest.

3. The powers of the President would be more like those of the Rotating Presidency of the European Union than that of a Roman Emperor.

We outline how this structure might evolve from the Dooryard up in The Shape of the Future and how the regional governance structure might evolve in our column “The Shape Richmond’s Future” from 16 February 2004.


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  1. E M Risse Avatar
    E M Risse

    OK, perhaps Greater Vancouver is closer to a functional Regional governace structue.


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