From an Undisclosed Location in Henrico County…

The elusive militants behind Bacon’s Rebellion have issued another missive, apparently timing their communication to influence the current session of the General Assembly. Authorities say that the Feb. 25, 2008, edition of the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine, which can be found online, made an appeal to elements of the population disaffected with Business As Usual. Particularly insidious, officials noted, was the e-zine’s technique of offering free subscriptions as a tactic to recruit more adherents.

Here is a summary of the contents:

Curriculum VITA
The overhaul of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s antiquated IT system is a textbook study of how government can improve performance and save money — without a dime of taxpayer investment.
by James A. Bacon

Walking Ahead of the Times
Virginia’s stagnation two centuries ago reminds us that true leaders slip the bonds of the present, not just the past.
by Doug Koelemay

Learning from the Mouse
Why do people travel halfway around the world to visit Disney World and Octoberfest? One big reason: Both are places where you don’t need cars to get around.
by EM Risse

Fund the Child, Not the Bureaucracy
Virginia’s formula for distributing state aid to schools is indecipherable. A little common sense would make the system more transparent.
by Chris Braunlich

The Big Lie?
Headlines tie immigrants to sex crimes as politicians like GOP gubernatorial hopeful McDonnell cash in on the xenophobia they stir up.
by Peter Galuszka

The Untold Story
House Republicans warrant much of the criticism they get, but give them credit for this: They share power more fairly with minority Democrats than the Dems ever did with them.
by Frank Kilgore

Nice & Curious Questions
The Physics of Incentives
Or, Enterprise Zones in the Old Dominion
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “However, the main goal was to demonstrate ways to improve human settlement patterns.”


    You have any evidence for that statement? My guess is that the main goal was to make money.


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    As we recall, Dr. Risse was not present at the press conference and did not talk to Walt before he died not long after.

    Prof. Risse had to rely on what he said on camera and what his biographers said was his intent.

    Making money was surley also on Disney’s mind but this is yet another example of your mean-spirited “comments” that add nothing to the debate.

    Alpha Zeus

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I have a hard time believing that Walt Disney’s goals had anything to do with improving settlement patterns and everything to do with entertainment, and of course, profit.

    If there is evidence that Walt Disney was also in the business of promoting public policy to rearrange settlement patterns, and If EMR provides it, then I’ll apologize.

    I don’t think anyone who knows me ever accused me of being mean spirited. I don’t see anything mean spirited about making money, unless you make it by stealing.

    EMR said the main goal was to demonstrate ways to improve humnan settlemt patterns. I asked to see the evidence, because I don’t believe it. I think it is EMR atributing motives to Disney that never existed. Call it name grabbing to promote his own agenda, if you like.

    That’s my opinion. It could be wrong. Call it mean spirted if you like. But if you want to change my opinion, show me the evidence.



  4. Anonymous Avatar

    If the biographers said that was his main intent, i was wrong, and I admit as much.


  5. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Ray, just Google the words “Walt Disney urban design” and see what you get. I think you’ll find it amply confirmed that Disney spent a huge amount of time thinking about urban design. My sense is that making money was important, but mainly as a way to implement his dreams.

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